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Salomon speedcross 3

I am the shoes, like you guards, symmetrical.
I am a pair of Salomon brand speedcross 3 men cross-country running shoes, despite the European brand, I was born in China, apply now is not very popular saying: Although the dress in the body, my heart is still the heart of China.

I like the wild run, this is my born off-road running shoes born with the character, like human nature.
But when I saw the workers who were running the lines I had had the opportunity to wear the time I ran in the mountains, I was not optimistic about my future. I always feel as a shoe, always on the future to go the road full of dreams and hope to live, otherwise it is trampling on life. Or live well, or hurry to die, is about it As people should be the same.
Most of my brothers loaded into the container boarded the voyage, and my first stop is a suburb of Shanghai suburbs of the electricity business warehouse, where filled with a sub-new shoes taste. I often through the gap between the shoebox and the upper and lower bar of the brothers chatting, chatting life, but also talk about the future of the owner, the future of life. Until one day, I heard someone shouting "on this pair, 44 men's shoes, blue, sent to Dalian", and then I was covered with plastic bags, from the farewell to the small Treasury.
Although later, I have been to a lot of big and small running game, but never met those who chatted together in the chat brother. The world is big, think about it, how many shoes and you are only separated by a wall, but you have never seen it.
When the 30-year-old man opened the box to see me, revealing a child-like surprise, that expression makes me unforgettable, in my contact with the people, he is the first to see my people , So I immediately have a run for their death to the impulse, the so-called "for the confidant who died, the woman for the Yue who capacity" probably so
My virgin is running on the coastal road, Contagrip soles of the design caught in the wooden plank on the soft and very cordial, shock each time the compression and bounce are full of strength and excitement. You may not know that a pair of shoes, but also desire such a free breathing.
My new home is the shoe, the shoe is a big group, the sandals are always a lazy expression, but I have little contact with him, usually when I am in the cupboard when it is busy to go. Leather shoes at the beginning of the time always dodging me, as if a bit hostile to have been a serious face of the face of a silent posture, and I can not stand his shoes that shoe smell, I think, rub that stuff a little mother gun. I did not despise the meaning of the shoes, I always think: shoes are not high and low points, only the social division of labor is different. Shoe is equal.
Get along for a long time to know, shoes is also very easy, his life is almost immutable, every day to go the same way, see the same person, look at the same scenery. No way, every pair of shoes have their own shoes, like everyone in life need to play a different role, life needs integrity, but also need real. So, not just a woman, men's shoes should also be rich in some of the shoe, it represents a different life role.
Occasionally, I would also like to, if I am not a pair of cross-country shoes, but a pair of shoes, every day without stepping on the weeds in the mountain road, but in the smooth stage of the dance, and even women's shoes, What kind of life? Later, I really in the theater saw a dance shoes performance, it is in Argentina Buenos Aires Tango Theater. As a pair of cross-country running shoes in the tango theater to see tango performance, I think, like me running shoes, but also can not find a few pairs. A few days later, in the cloth city of Boca's neighborhood, I even played a hand and a pair of Argentine female dance shoes jumped a tango, I know that I cross the border. However, the kind of excitement, tension, so I looked very clumsy. It seems that every pair of shoes or should go their own way.

HtmGisn806578 , HtmGefu803543 , HtmGimu806429 , HtmGjaa806773 , HtmGhqq805853 , HtmGiuh806624 , HtmGhkx805704 , HtmGioo806475 , HtmGjbv806820 , HtmGidm806187 , HtmGhsk805899 , HtmGiwb806670 , HtmGhmr805750 , HtmGiqi806521 , HtmGjdp806866 , HtmGedo803485 , HtmGhue805945 , HtmGixw806717 , HtmGhol805796 , HtmGisc806567 , HtmGiha806279 , HtmGefj803532 , HtmGhvz805992 , HtmGizq806763 , HtmGhqf805842 , HtmGitx806614 , HtmGiiv806326 , HtmGhkm805693 , HtmGjbk806809 , HtmGhs80213 , HtmGivr806660 , HtmGikp806372 , HtmGjde806855 , HtmGhtu805935 , HtmGixl806706 , HtmGimj806418 , HtmGhoa805785 , HtmGibh806130 , HtmGhvo805981 , HtmGizf806752 , HtmGiod806464 , HtmGhpv805832 , HtmGidb806176 , HtmGhxi806027 , HtmGiew806223 , HtmGhzc806073 , HtmGirs806557 , HtmGhtj805924 , HtmGigq806269 , HtmGeez803522 , HtmGiax806120 , HtmGjeo806891 , HtmGitm806603 , HtmGhvd805970 , HtmGiik806315 , HtmGicr806166 , HtmGivg806649 , HtmGhwy806017 , HtmGike806361 , HtmGhlw805729 , HtmGiel806212 , HtmGixa806695 , HtmGilz806408 , HtmGhnq805775 , HtmGiyv806742

Tango .JPG in the streets of Buenos Aires Boca tango
I ran two full marathon, one is the National Games Bayuquan marathon, the other is the Dalian coastal marathon, there is a Dalian 50K off-road game. To know that not all the running shoes will go to the game, to participate in the game that pair, and the owner must be running together better, fit shoes only go long-term Well, and also enough bright show, in the shoes can win Others eyeballs. Participating in the competition is the most valuable experience of running shoes.

Dalian 50K

Marina Marathon
Bayuquan Marathon
In the game, you can see different brands of running shoes. In a game, I am fascinated by a pair of female running shoes, her resilient shock, bumps have a strong grasp of the end of the big, light figure, enchanting light pink color, and even elegant lace are style million Kind, so I can not extricate themselves, it is the unique running shoes, the United States and the United States elegant. The owner has been running behind the pair of running shoes, may be because of her master's buttocks, really do not understand the aesthetic of mankind, I do not like her too Alice's ass, I like a little thin. Unfortunately, I have no eye care, running around the circle, both men and women, are such a rattan. Hey, I sad reminder of the shoes students.
But also Ye Hao, I can take the opportunity and women to talk more than a few words. But unfortunately, she ran half way, to the half of the turning point, I had to say goodbye to her, then we just talk to each other's constellation and very.
In the game, also encountered a very terrible thing, I saw a barefoot runner, which makes me have a deep sense of crisis. At that time a sudden philosophy for some time, thinking about their own existence and value. Do I be proud of the shock, the end, are dispensable? These are external sense of security.
So, the shoes are fragile, and when one day you find yourself for someone else is not so important when you will collapse completely, so you see how real the inner sense of security is important.
But it is also strange, they just do not run shoes, usually shoes are.
Shoes are also injured, once in the master to participate in a field of survival activities, in the swim when the shore because of the rock too much, he wore me into the sea water ... ... those very corrosive sea water soaked my fiber , Leaving an irreversible trauma, coupled with the running time of the sun, the fiber began to accelerate aging. At that time, I suddenly remembered the phrase "one will be successful million bone dry", perhaps, he never care about the feeling of shoes.

Tibet - Yang Zhuo Yong wrong on foot

Guanglu Island Field Survival
Let me hurt his wife, because every time he ran home, her wife will say to him, "throw your smelly shoes to the outside." "Smelly shoes"? The The I Otholite insoles are patented, cured taste and breathable function is indeed true. After running, the upper layer of a thin layer of dust, with a dry towel can play a bomb can be cleaned, late care is also very convenient. But people are always willing to use their own habits to analyze and judge the immediate things, I really on the planet's high intelligence animal IQ concerns.
Many people praise the candle and say it "burns itself and illuminates others". Why no one to chant the shoes. Shoes life is "help run someone else, smelly".
Praise is not even the case, and put the staggered down our head, said "broken shoes" in the human language has a special layer of meaning. We devote a lifetime, but also mixed into a broken shoes ... ...
    Thank you for having a pair of shoes. Our shoes actually have one of the biggest advantages, that is, from the end, so take "broken shoes" to describe a bit not appropriate.

I have every run as a adventure, this feeling of heartbeat so that you can feel you really live. Have a shoe asked me, in the mountains so complex terrain is not dangerous? You stepped on those dead branches, sticky dew on the body is not dirty? In fact, it does not know: the real terrible place is not a distant mountain, once I ran out in the district, a lump of dog excrement in my close place, thanks to the owner found a timely dexterous escape. But from the side of the passing time, I frightened to imagine: a shoe desperate step up, and then * & * scattered ... ... that moment, I spit it. Visible, even living in the beautiful district, did not change the quality of the dog. I think you can listen to the voice of your string.
I do not like the road, the excitement of the asphalt taste, let me uncomfortable, and, in the asphalt, only monotonous repetition.
I like the mountain road, in the face of the sea on the ridge, in the shadows of the shade of trees, birds in the birds singing presumptuous run!
However, the sun rose on the sun, the world has its own law, and finally, my love ran away the soles of the feet of the lines, and finally, I became a pair of training shoes, only in the run when he was put on me, I Can not hear the starting line of the cry, and then do not feel the scenery on the track, and then did not go to the mountain free breathing, because my shock has long been overwhelmed. When the new running shoes finished the race back excited about talking about the time, I began to feel sad. Those fresh strangers, those games before the night of sleepless, also belong to me.

I often think of that story: the world's best flute should give to whom? Did the flute blow the best or the worst? The answer to this question is from the flute itself - as the world's best flute, the value of its existence is to play the most wonderful music, only the blow the best people can play its value.

As a pair of shoes, maybe one day I will be rotten in the soil, but I can be proud to say: I have wandered in the same circle, I have chic in this world ran, I have heard the world's most Wonderful breathing, I have exhausted my life to accompany a person, a dream. I used to pass the road to prove my presence.
     I would like to use this article, dedicated to accompany me to run together with the Salomon sc3

GEL-Fuji Trabuco 2 Neutral G-TX

The first contact with the Eskors Fuji series of cross-country running shoes is in the second half of 2013, around two friends because of the price of cabbage, sea Amoy 2 pairs, as usual cross-country training shoes. Did not expect the actual use of the effect is very good, to wear to participate in Hangzhou Weiss cross-country race, after the game they both feel that the shoes are to force, picked up the treasure, so continue to draw in the depth of several times in contrast to several different cross-country shoes , They eventually decided in the 2014 Hong Kong hundred miles of the game, wearing Fuji cross-country shoes.
The two finally made according to plan the copper people.
    This pair of GEL-Fuji Trabuco 2 NeutralG-TX off-road shoes design quite satisfactory, but the color with a very handsome blue, I like. The soles of the forefoot and the heel part of the design of the cis / anti-teeth, taking into account the upper and lower slope of the grip, the soles joined the Eskors patent GEL glue damping, increased comfort; upper is a large area of ​​breathable nylon Mesh, increase the permeability, the front wrapped in a circle of composite materials, with the extension of the soles of the rubber parts together to increase the protection of the toes; the top of the tongue there is a stretch net pocket, so that the lace ring can be the same as Salomon's shoes Stuffed in, even if the lace knot in the running when the release, it will not be scattered (scattered shoelaces may be in the run to tripping people, if it occurs in the downhill, the consequences will be very serious); upper part of the heel With hard plastic to strengthen the support, in the running can be better to stabilize the heel, the designer also cleverly designed a simple Fuji Mountain LOGO, to deal with this pair of cross-country shoes model --- Fuji; more surprising is this pair of shoes also The use of the G-TX waterproof breathable film, Gore's product for many years has been in the major outdoor brands of top products, the performance I will not say, in the cross-country shoes on the use of G-TX film, love Shakespeare does not The first time, I do not understand why such a design, because although you can increase the water resistance of the shoe, but the permeability will be correspondingly weakened.

HtmGefg803529 , HtmGigu806273 , HtmGhsc805891 , HtmGiqh806520 , HtmGhmg805739 , HtmGikl806368 , HtmGitz806616 , HtmGhpy805835 , HtmGioc806463 , HtmGhzl806082 , HtmGixq806711 , HtmGhtp805930 , HtmGiru806559 , HtmGidc806177 , HtmGjbh806806 , HtmGizc806749 , HtmGiep806216 , HtmGjcu806845 , HtmGhkb805682 , HtmGiig806311 , HtmGhnt805778 , HtmGily806407 , HtmGeen803510 , HtmGigb806254 , HtmGhrk805873 , HtmGipp806502 , HtmGhlo805721 , HtmGijt806350 , HtmGhvb805968 , HtmGitg806597 , HtmGhpf805816 , HtmGink806445 , HtmGhyt806064 , HtmGiwy806693 , HtmGhsx805912 , HtmGirb806540 , HtmGjap806788 , HtmGhwo806007 , HtmGiut806636 , HtmGjeg806883 , HtmGiaf806102 , HtmGiyk806731 , HtmGjcb806826 , HtmGega803549 , HtmGiho806293 , HtmGhna805759 , HtmGilf806388 , HtmGedv803492 , HtmGhqs805855 , HtmGiox806484 , HtmGhkw805703 , HtmGhon805798 , HtmGims806427 , HtmGhya806045 , HtmGiwf806674 , HtmGhse805893 , HtmGiqj806522 , HtmGibs806141 , HtmGizx806770 , HtmGhvw805989 , HtmGiua806617 , HtmGifj806236 , HtmGjdo806865 , HtmGhzn806084 , HtmGixs806713

Very clever, this pair of shoes after the hand I received the invitation of friends, to Ninghai camping, great!
    Ninghai National Road is a classic mountain hiking route, enough road conditions, mileage is long enough, especially the main peak of the peak area along the mountain ridge line, continuous climbing a number of steep slopes, road conditions are serious weather formation after the formation of irregular gravel , Used to detect cross-country shoes better.
    When the day for the United States, sunny, after breakfast, I put the camping equipment entrusted to the plan to reinstall the zipper friends, carrying off-road backpack, wearing leather clothes and rogue pants, and Fuji cross-country shoes, on the road.
    Rhododendron Hill --- Wang She - Xilin reservoir line in addition to the basic cuckoo mountain climbing almost, mainly forest road and field gravel road, focusing on testing the running of the shoes in the stability and comfort, GEL shock Technical name is not bad, especially in the dirt road in the forest when the soles of the feet a little installed spring feeling.

At noon to reach the Genting camp, and friends with lunch, dress, run the clouds in the afternoon Villa - grinding column peak --- bird cage mouth --- grinding column peak --- Genting Villa, taking into account this path Weathering of the rock regardless of size, edges are very sharp, 2 back and forth can be better to detect the wear resistance of shoes.
Climbing, the forefoot of the foot feeling is very good, love the world of the feet of the well known, the shoes of the grip is also very good, as long as the physical enough, every step down after the very stable. Later, after the decline in physical strength, occurred at the end of the instability, but fortunately, the package is also very good shoes, so they react quickly to adjust the foot posture, did not happen Wei feet.
Sunday weather is still fine, sleep a big Lanjue, taking advantage of everyone to collect tents, to the nearby winding road moving legs, the new shop asphalt pavement, running fast, feet very comfortable.
Finished a little I do not understand the shoes of the wear resistance is very good, in such a complex gravel slope did not rush to the foot, then the front palm should belong to the more rigid, but ran in the puddle mountain road and Stone on the road when the feeling is not very hard (such as Salomon), is the effect of GEL glue so good? Or forefoot or soles of rubber material Eskecs have exclusive magic? Pondering this did not mean, anyway, know that this is a good pair of shoes, ha ha ha.
Shoes and tongue parts of the body did not like mountaineering shoes to do the same connection, so despite the G-TX film, the actual anti-flooding ability of shoes can only be more than the roots of the tongue line. In the artificial lake and the fast stream, once again verified the performance of G-TX, the future as long as the shoes do not water, wash shoes may be more convenient. Contest on the road there is a shallow flood section, do not be afraid, shoes, after the taste of what I think a lot of running friends have experienced, it touches the mood and state of the game.

A week later, love the world of Hangzhou marathon, I participated in the whole group, 5 hours and 41 minutes finish, this pair of GEL-Fuji Trabuco 2 NeutralG-TX in the mountain on the performance I do not say, here to focus on Road running performance.

Hangzhou this track is used by many games, road sections and flat soil accounted for a considerable proportion of the past in the game, the mountain section relative height difference is not much more steep, so in the past I chose to grip strong Shoes will inevitably affect the state of the road when running, and my ability and I dare not take the risk of choice to run around the ordinary running shoes, so always hope to find a pair of both shoes.

GEL-Fuji Trabuco 2 NeutralG-TX This perfect performance makes me love, for the first time, in Hangzhou cross-country race, in the highway section and the flat section of the players, more than I am in the mountain section of the players. South peak down until the end of the road section, the feeling of running completely like a pair of performance is very good way running shoes, so that the last 2 km, the volunteers told me that the first 30, looking at the front of about 200 meters A player, I decided to speed up, the feeling of the body and the shoes fed up the foot feeling allowed me to do so.

Very happy, and finally can use the 2 prefix of the end of the game, ha ha ha. In retrospect, in the Jiuxi section, there are a number of shallow soaking sections, the other players and tourists must be one by one from the good code on the big stone through, but I can scruple from the Mercedes-Benz and over, save a little Time, because this pair of Fuji has G-TX film, again ha ha ha.

Finally sum up, this is a pair of suitable for riding in the mountains of off-road shoes, the mountain is its real useless, read the original intention of this pair of shoes, and sure enough, it is for the ring Fuji off-road race (UTMF) and Health.
Its advantages can let me personally ignore the overall weight of the rise (my own feet are not strong enough to be in the grinding column peak ridge line wear NB that minimalist design cross-country running shoes), if the tongue Can be integrated with the shoe body, shoelace optimized to be fast and tight, will be more perfect.

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ASICS Noosa Tri 9

Preface to ASICS Noosa Tri 9
Compared to ASICS traditional running shoes tedious color, Gel Noosa Tri 9 can simply use a heterogeneous to describe, at first glance, if not the famous big LOGO, you really doubt this is a pair of ASICS shoes?

Remove the brilliant color, carefully observed or found Gel Noosa Tri 9 body thick ASICS taste. Simple shoe body lines, without any extra burden. And take into account the performance of iron three required lightweight, breathable and drainage elements are also included one by one.

HtmGcwf802618 , HtmGcrs802501 , HtmGdvl803274 , HtmGdte803215 , HtmGdku802997 , HtmGdin802938 , HtmGdac802719 , HtmGcxw802661 , HtmGebp803434 , HtmGdzi803375 , HtmGdxb803316 , HtmGdqy803157 , HtmGdor803098 , HtmGdmk803039 , HtmGdgg802879 , HtmGde8095 , HtmGdbt802762 , HtmGedf803476 , HtmGeaz803418 , HtmGcvp802602 , HtmGcti802543 , HtmGcrb802484 , HtmGduv803258 , HtmGdso803199 , HtmGdkd802980 , HtmGdhx802922 , HtmGdfq802863 , HtmGczm802703 , HtmGcxf802644 , HtmGcuz802586 , HtmGdys803359 , HtmGdwl803300 , HtmGdue803241 , HtmGdoa803081 , HtmGdlu803023 , HtmGdjn802964 , HtmGddj802804 , HtmGdbc802745 , HtmGcyw802687 , HtmGecp803460 , HtmGeai803401 , HtmGdry803183 , HtmGdpr803124 , HtmGdhg802905 , HtmGdf8096 , HtmGcwp802628 , HtmGcui802569 , HtmGdyb803342 , HtmGdvv803284 , HtmGdto803225 , HtmGdnk803065 , HtmGdld803006 , HtmGdix802948 , HtmGdct802788 , HtmGdam802729 , HtmGcyf802670 , HtmGebz803444 , HtmGdzs803385 , HtmGcsb802510 , HtmGdrh803166 , HtmGdej802830 , HtmGcvz802612 , HtmGcts802553 , HtmGdxl803326 , HtmGdve803267 , HtmGdsy803209
ASICS Noosa Tri 9 of the upper
Gel Noosa Tri 9's upper outer layer with a layer of thin breathable mesh for the package, the inner layer is to continue to use soft macroporous fabric, in order to achieve the effect of drainage and breathable. Do not underestimate the outer wrapping of the cloth, in the previous generation of criticism of the upper easy to penetrate the foreign body of the situation finally did not sacrifice the breath of breath in the case to be properly resolved.

The upper support or rely on the back of the large piece of leather material, although this solution to the problem of stable parcels, but also to some extent sacrificed the weight of the shoe itself. Shoes graffiti is very interesting, iron three project images and names are art together in the accumulation, for fear that others do not know this is a pair of iron and three shoes Mody Also taking into account the complexity of the iron three game environment, Gel Noosa Tri 9 of the toe package also uses a relatively traditional running shoes more rigid material to protect the fragile toes from accidental shocks.

ASICS Noosa Tri 9 of the tongue
Tongue with the upper layer of the same large hole mesh material, and the shoe at the material is more soft and smooth, one of the design to increase the wearing of the package and comfort, even barefoot wearing will not produce anything strange feel.

ASICS Noosa Tri 9 in the end

Gel Noosa Tri 9 in the bottom part of the ASICS we see the iconic IGS and Dynamic DuoMax these two ace technology. IGS provides excellent cushioning protection, and Dynamic DuoMax provides stable support system, although this is a pair of biased shoes, but still have the strong protection of the runners feet.

The magic of the GEL naturally will not be absent in the Gel Noosa Tri 9 body, in the forefoot and back palm we can see this thunderous name.

ASICS Outside of Noosa Tri 9
The outsole of the Gel Noosa Tri 9 is ASICS's latest AHAR + wear-resistant rubber, both in terms of grip and the durability of the sole to withstand the harsh environment.

Gel Noosa Tri 9 in the insole to take full account of the iron three shoes stressed drainage and breathable performance, dense mesh, can quickly play a role in the feet to maintain a stable and comfortable.

ASICS The weight of Noosa Tri 9
After the accumulation of so many ASICS black technology, Gel Noosa Tri 9 can maintain a weight we can accept is not easy. Compared to those pure light design shoes almost zero protection, Gel Noosa Tri 9 is so that we moved to tears.

Summary of ASICS Noosa Tri 9
Although the Gel Noosa Tri 9 is a pair of competition shoes designed for the iron three games, but also capable of half or even the whole marathon running distance. For a certain ability and have advanced ideal runners, and quickly put on this pair of Saoqi shoes running up it.

Monday, August 14, 2017

New Balance Furon 3.0

New Balance's speed soccer boots Furon, launched limited edition soccer shoes FURON 3.0. Furon 3.0 boots for offensive athletes and students, the key feature is the amazing speed performance, and the choice of straight shoes last perfectly fit the Asian foot type. This is undoubtedly a pair of boots that can awaken the player's potential speed.

HtmGbcg801423 , HtmGbkr801642 , HtmGcjr802292 , HtmGbrg801813 , HtmGbzr802032 , HtmGcib802250 , HtmGbpr801772 , HtmGcor802422 , HtmGbfr801512 , HtmGbob801730 , HtmGcnb802380 , HtmGbur801902 , HtmGcdb802120 , HtmGclm802339 , HtmGbtb801860 , HtmGbjb801600 , HtmGbrm801819 , HtmGcqm802469 , HtmGbyb801990 , HtmGcgm802209 , HtmGcox802428 , HtmGbwm801949 , HtmGbeb801470 , HtmGbmm801689 , HtmGbux801908 , HtmGbcm801429 , HtmGcbm802079 , HtmGcjx802298 , HtmGbzx802038 , HtmGbhm801559 , HtmGbpx801778 , HtmGbyh801996 , HtmGbfx801518 , HtmGcex802168 , HtmGcnh802386 , HtmGbeh801476 , HtmGcdh802126 , HtmGbkx801648 , HtmGbth801866 , HtmGcbs802085 , HtmGbjh801606 , HtmGcih802256 , HtmGbhs801565 , HtmGcgs802215 , HtmGboh801736 , HtmGbws801955 , HtmGcfc802173 , HtmGbms801695 , HtmGcls802345 , HtmGbcs801435 , HtmGblc801653 , HtmGckc802303 , HtmGbrs801825 , HtmGcac802043 , HtmGcin802262 , HtmGbqc801783 , HtmGcpc802433 , HtmGbgc801523 , HtmGbon801742 , HtmGcnn802392 , HtmGbvc801913 , HtmGcdn802132 , HtmGcly802351 , HtmGbtn801872 , HtmGbjn801612 , HtmGbry801831 , HtmGbyn802002 , HtmGcpi802439 , HtmGbwy801961
Furon3.0 boots with a TPU outsole and REVlite Yue light in the end, can provide excellent durability for the players at the same time, give them a better touch the ball feel. In addition, the protection of the asymmetric ankle design belt, while the movement protection at the same time to stimulate the player's instant explosive force, help the player to sprint shot score. In the unique aesthetic and the latest racing technology design, New Balance limited edition football shoes FURON 3.0 because of its professional speed, will become the most worthy of the players football shoes.

"I am honored to be working with the New Balance team to participate in the Furon Boots development process," said Kevin Mirallas, a Belgian-based Everton soccer player. The process, they always insist on offensive players to create exclusive boots .This boots is suitable for my state on the pitch, and very light and comfortable and I can not wait to want to wear these boots, in the first season of the season On the show! "

There is another major release: Visaro 2.0 boots launched a new color shoes, this boots have been Aaron Ramsey (Aaron Ramsey), John Cabaye (Yohan Cabaye), Joe Ledley (Joe Ledley) and Luogongo Massimo Luongo and other athletes through. Visaro players throughout the season are wearing this boots into battle, full interpretation of the charm of football, passing their determination and strength of the game.

The new vibrant lime / alpha powder color of Visaro maintained the series of consistent comfort, stability and control. The upper part of the imitation of the foam material and the whole piece of man-made fiber fabric moccasin can help the players to carry out the precise length of the ball, to reverse the situation. Multi-angle pattern design, lightweight shoe sole and Fresh Foam cushioning in the end of the design makes the shoes of the dynamic mobility of outstanding performance, comfort can also be improved.

Crystal Palace Football Club midfielder Yohan Cabaye said: "I am looking forward to the arrival of the new season, then I will be able to wear Visaro new shoe boots .This boots to maintain the previous level, Not only fit my football style and comfortable fit with color is also very cool and dazzling, fans will be very fond of.

"With the release of the Furon 3.0 boots, we will continue to work closely with the professional players to continue to improve the R & D design for the top offensive players and enhance the performance of the shoes," said Richard Wright, general manager of New Balance Football Division. Season, whether professional or amateur players, can be on the pitch wearing our Furon 3.0 and Visaro new color boots show style.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

New Balance Zante v2

More and more runners from the gym to the ordinary road to jogging, that hard road environment for runners in terms of the need for a pair of soft and lightweight running shoes to protect our feet. In recent years, more and more running shoes products to technological innovation as a product selling point, which New Balance to shock the characteristics of the fresh Foam technology quite distinctive, the latest upgrade of the New Balance Fresh Foam Zante v2 is based on this technology development.

Comparison between old and new generations:

Wisdom in the end of fresh Foam details of the adjustment

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Whether it has just joined the running camp of the city runners, or has advanced the next stage of sports enthusiasts, for the jogging process in the comfort of feet have the same pursuit. Talk about the concept of running shoes in the end of science and technology is certainly not less of the four running shoes among the New Balance, many people may still on its classic president of running shoes obsessed, in fact New Balance has long been in the technology research and development The beginning of the generation, generation of Zante is the use of intelligent cellular bionic design, through the large data collection based on the development of a new midsole material Fresh Foam, this new material to ensure that any ground on the ground, can For the feet to provide excellent cushioning protection. According to the foot when the force of the dynamic, more than 300 honeycomb protection to the scientific arrangement of the midsole, with the concave and convex non-geometric structure of the combination, so that cushioning protection and smooth support to play exactly the effect The

The new generation of Fresh Foam Zante v2 uses a midsole structure to make details of the adjustment again. The honeycomb structure design is one of the impressive impressions of Fresh Foam to runners, Zante v2 has been adjusted on the outer geometry from the original three The column evolved into a four-column parallel structure, further strengthening the shock absorption effect, although it does not seem obvious, but the real feet can feel the difference between the sense of the buffer, in the back experience will be more detailed in which the changes.

Enhance the support of the integrated shoe body design

Compared with the previous generation, New Balance Fresh Foam Zante v2 removed to maintain the previous streamlined shoe body, both sides of the support in the middle of the foot has been significantly improved, with the integrated boots design, so that the vamps more fit feet.

Wearing Zante v1 on both sides of the upper side of the uu caused by protection and durability have been weakened, Zante v2 is extended package design, the previous generation of problems have been improved, while the two sides of the breathable mesh And seamless upper combination, the upper mesh than the previous generation to be large, in such a season to use more appropriate.

Actual experience:

The test of the Fresh Foam Zante v2 in the lightweight running shoes can be considered relatively thick, the thickness of the soles of the solemn thought that the foot is not wearing New Balance shoes, with a few years ago New Balance main Minimus significantly different, Now New Balance design ideas more emphasis on the buffer effect, one foot on the most intuitive feel stronger than the previous generation of flexibility, left foot old models, right foot new, the new package has also been enhanced, especially in the forefoot site more Highlight the appearance of the entire shoes two generations of shoes are basically the same.

In the road running on the road is more vague, but the buffer effect is indeed considered this level of light section is more prominent, after the palm of the flexibility than the previous generation to enhance more obvious, the most critical is the weight is very light, in the shock and light The amount of the balance between doing so is indeed unexpected, according to the foot when the force of the dynamic, in the end of the number of honeycomb protection to the scientific arrangement of the midsole in the middle of the run will be found inside Concave structural design more powerful stability, and convex shape of the side of the landing when the ground position has a great role in correction, landing the moment you will naturally will focus on the transfer to the outside of the shoe body, do not small Look at a "soft" word, it brings the foot experience greatly reduced due to road resistance or bumpy road conditions caused by foot adverse reactions. In the back of the shoes with a reflective effect, which for the night running friends to provide a security protection.

In the end of the wear-resistant part of the use of a whole piece of Blown Rubber wear-resistant rubber, which in the previous New Balance shoes is also very rare, different sizes of particles to adapt to the soles of the feet force, the whole design more adapt to the city Pavement situation. Before and after the 6 mm height difference, the test when running very natural, the slightest resistance did not, New Balance Zante v2 this running shoes is one of the most unique place is not too much time to run, run on a few minutes after the natural The fresh Foam cushioning effect is really impressive, of course, comfortable upper with a light foot fit streamer body design, coupled with bold and bright fluorescent green color, in the running shoes which is indeed More conspicuous, from the functional positioning it is more suitable for normal gait in the light weight of the runners used.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017


The world's leading sports brand PUMA has never stopped its pace of innovation and progress, NETFIT uppers technology is the latest development of PUMA customized strap system, can be created in a pair of shoes unlimited banding style.

NETFIT covered by high-end mesh fabric uppers, and then tighten the lace to provide excellent fit and stability. Through the shoelaces in the grid on the free shuttle, the wearer can not only fully control and adjust the suit for their own shoes, but also can change the personality of the lace style. Whether it is style style, functional requirements and the overall shape, can be in their own way to create, so that the wearer enjoy the creativity.

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From the runway, to the gym, to the street, NETFIT technology will appear in a series of sports shoes and functional shoes, the wearer will have the opportunity to create in full compliance with their feet and style of exclusive sports shoes. PUMA's product development team is currently designed with five different strap demonstrations for reference, but in fact, NETFIT strap method there are infinite possibilities. The five straps include the standard strap method, the normal leg of the solid system; wide banding method, for the "wide enough" to release more space; narrow banding method, as "narrow" foot runners And the need for more foot support runners of the Gospel; heel support strap law, enjoy the heel and running shoes close fit.

Including the "world's fastest run" Bolt, including a public PUMA's top athletes, will wear shoes with NETFIT technology set foot on the 2017 London World Championships. When talking about NETFIT's wear experience, Bolt said: "I usually do a lot of training, but also different types of training. These training has strength training, speed and flexibility training and other types, so a pair of Flexible fit to adapt to different types of sports shoes is very important to me, and NETFIT strap technology is the best point is that you can freely customize, I can according to their own needs, free to adjust the appropriate binding method; In addition, it does not Just to be able to adjust the most appropriate performance, but also give me a chance to play creative.People often want to be able to design a pair of shoes in line with their feet, and now, the opportunity to come! Plus, they look great ! "

PUMA's global brand marketing director Adam Petrick said: "PUMA's goal is to continue to promote the design of sports products to a more unique and innovative direction. NETFIT is undoubtedly the product of the full implementation of this brand goal - this is a functional Innovation, any level and project athlete can customize the perfect personal footwear through NETFIT, but perhaps even more exciting is the opportunity to show personal creativity - everyone can pass a variety of different colors , Width, length and even style of shoelace to convey and express their personal preferences.To and NETFIT together, to PUMA unique way, the fashion elements into the movement of the world it.

PUMA NETFIT technology will also appear in a series of soccer shoes, these shoes will provide players with a variety of personal needs to meet their individual needs of a single product. In addition, NETFIT will appear in a series of such as Tsugi shoes on top of the trend, for the influx of people to bring more fashionable choice.

PUMA NETFIT strap technology was officially launched in May 2017, applied to the already listed Speed ​​IGNITE NETFIT shoes; then more will be launched this summer NETFIT series of shoes, including July 1 listed IGNITE NETFIT men and women shoes; August since the release of IGNITE Limitless NETFIT, Tsugi NETFIT, and many other applications using NETFIT strap technology latest shoes.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017


The world-renowned Nike Mag Hong Kong auction today held in The Annex, attracting shoes enthusiasts, fans, media and collectors registered bid. 2016 Nike Mag limited production 89 pairs, all Asia only Hong Kong won a pair of Nike Mag auction, the other two auction cities were London and New York. After a round of competition, Nike Mag sold at HK $ 810,000. The auction proceeds will be donated to Michael J. Fox Foundation, to promote important research, to accelerate the development of Parkinson's disease treatment.

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Nearly 30 years ago, Nike accepted a full of futuristic film cooperation proposal, this challenge contains to create a suitable for the 2015 "future world" shoes design. Nike innovative team combined with the idea of ​​athletes and Nike innovation and technology evolution, predicted the future of the sports world, and further to the shoes design into a new era. The resulting Nike Mag completely transformed the traditional lace way, this unique design has become an important indicator of modern pop culture. As Nike Park President and CEO Mark Parker said: "Although Nike Mag and Michael J. Fox with the appearance of only a few seconds, the concept behind the release of Nike's great potential. We are embarked on an unknown path of innovation and inspire us to respond to some of the world's most significant challenges, and we are honored to take this opportunity to awaken everyone's attention to the fight against Parkinson's disease. "

Nike started in 2011 with Michael J. Fox Foundation collaborates to promote Parkinson's disease research. Nike, especially for the Foundation produced a pair of prototype shoes, and through the charity in 10 days raised nearly 10 million US dollars, all into Parkinson's disease research. In 2015, Nike has finally achieved nearly 30 years ago by the construction of the future, personally the first pair of Nike Mag dedicated to the most worthy owner - Michael J. Fox. Michael J. Fox at the age of 29 publicly revealed that he was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, and in 2000 founded the same name of Michael J. Fox Foundation.

2016 Nike Mag auction day, Nike senior innovator Tiffany Beers (Tiffany Beers) made a special trip to Hong Kong to attend. As one of the project leaders, Beers explained in detail the various aspects of Nike Mag's design and Adaptive Fit automatic adaptation of the shoelace system. Adaptive Fit can sense the wearer's foot type, automatically tighten the shoelaces. Beers is also in the activities to share the opportunity to reproduce this pair of shoes to wait for many years when the shoes encountered challenges and share how to break through the difficulties to Nike Mag from the fictional to the real world.