Friday, September 14, 2018

Air Jordan 1 High Double Strap

New red color match Air Jordan 1 High Double Strap coming soon!

After the release of black and white, the new Air Jordan 1 High Double Strap has recently launched a new red color. The Air Jordan 1 High Double Strap model is based on the classic Air Jordan 1 and the shoe upper is abandoned with the original lace system, which is replaced by two large Velcro. The bottom is complemented by a edging design to make the shoes more layered. It is reported that this red color match Air Jordan 1 High Double Strap will be launched in the near future, the Cheap jordans for sale air jordan 5 paris prices sale price is $140 USD. Like a friend can pay more attention.

DJ Khaled recently released a new Jordan co-branded shoe on September 24th with a personal Instagram preview. Judging from the video he posted, the shoes should be based on Air Jordan 3, but there is no physical map release.

At the same time, in order to get these shoes, you need to purchase the “Father Of Ashad” album package in advance and participate in the sweepstakes. The package includes his latest album and a Tee from We The Best x Jordan Brand. The lucky draw will be held in Los Angeles on September 24th, and interested friends may wish to continue to pay attention!

Recently, Jordan Brand released a new color matching Air Jordan 1, its shoes are covered with the official slogan design, full of fun. It is reported that the new Air Jordan 1 NRG “No L’s” will be officially released at the end of the year.

The Air Jordan 1 NRG “No L’s” is still dressed in a black toe series. The body is black and white, and the upper and the outs are filled with bright yellow and yellow. The body value is good. I believe the upper foot is also very good. The most interesting and essential part of this pair of color schemes is the “official spit” that is spread over the body of the shoe:


“WEAR ME” on the tongue and “NO PHOTOS” on the heel

"PLEASE CREASE of the toe cap (please fold here)"


These are all a bit of a slogan from Jordan Brand to the current shoe circle. Officials are calling on Air Jordan shoes instead of collecting or reselling them.

The Dojo's Air Jordan 1 NRG “No L’s” will be available for sale in December for $160 USD. Xiaobian will continue to pay attention to its follow-up.

Air Jordan 1 NRG “No L’s”

Saturday, September 8, 2018

jordan fly lockdown pfx

Jordan shoes have always had a lot of fans, and many series are also vying for many shoe fans. Next, let's take a look at some very good Jordan shoes with Xiaobian.

|||—jordan fly lockdown pfx—|||

This jordan fly lockdown pfx shoe has a simple shape and a very high degree of recognition. The upper is made of fabric, and the low-cut design is ideal for everyday wear or for some low-intensity training.

|||—jordan dna lx—|||

The new shoe type of jordan dna lx is made of woven sock upper. The first color is light gray, with dark gray and liquid silver as the details. The value is very high.

|||—jordan flyknit elevation 23—|||

The jordan flyknit elevation 23 men's sneakers feature a high-quality Flyknit structural upper and are equipped with an Air cushioning configuration to create a flexible and comfortable feel.

This new color scheme is a cool gray theme, with a water-green Flyknit, a white midsole and a translucent outsole, which is very small and fresh.

|||—jordan j23 low—|||

Finally, let's take a look at this jordan j23 low running shoe, which uses a faux leather upper to maintain high elasticity. No matter how tortuous the bending angle, it can be restored to its original state.

The sole is made of a finely engraved structure, which not only greatly enhances the grip and friction, but also reduces the contact area between the ground and the upper. Even in places with poor road conditions, it is still flat.

Nike's vaporfly 4% has been on sale for more than a year now. The reason why the shoes are named 4% of vaporfly is that Nike claims that the shoes can increase the efficiency of the runner by 4%. Does it sound amazing?

Today, Xiaobian will take you to see how the performance of this pair of Nike vaporfly 4%, for the runners, in the contest can really improve the running efficiency!

At the Boston Marathon in April 2018, someone did this experiment for vaporfly 4%. They asked for several runners who scored in the competition. Half of them wore vaporfly 4% and the other half wore other running shoes.

The results of the experiment after the game showed that 3/4 of the runners who replaced the vaporfly 4% had improved their performance in previous years. Although this game may not explain anything, then take a look at the feedback that big data brings to us.

The agency analyzed data on nearly 500 marathons and surveyed runners wearing a 4% vaporfly. More than 4,000 runners said that their personal achievements have improved after wearing these pair of running shoes.

Then look at how the performance of vaporfly 4% is done by comparing personal results in one direction. In the 17-year Chicago Marathon, Stephanie Andre ran out of 22 women. This score can even enter the Olympics selection contest.

The same 34-year-old Amanda Hicks also achieved a top 5% of women's results in the 2018 Boston Marathon. Therefore, vaporfly 4% is still helpful for the outstanding performance of the players.

In general, if you want to improve the efficiency of the 4% of the vaporfly, then the answer is yes. But it is not realistic to rely solely on it to improve your performance. It is the last word to improve your level of exercise.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

nike LeBron shoes all

The James Boots series is Nike's basketball shoes tailored for the little emperor LeBron James. As one of Nike's top basketball shoes series, James boots combine Nike's high-end technology, which is a series of high-performance basketball boots. James's generation of sneakers has been out to 15 generations. Here are the 15 generations of boots for the full range of James sneakers!

1, Nike air zoom generation

Nike's first pair of shoes for James - Nike air zoom generation, using sphrene inner village, good ventilation; configuration, the forefoot uses zoom technology, the technology of the rear air sole, the midsole is equipped with carbon fiber board.
2, Nike Zoom LeBron 2

This is the first pair of shoes named after James. The leather upper echoes James's domineering style. The full-scale Air Zoom is equipped with laser lines, which greatly enhances the shock absorption effect.

3, Nike Zoom LeBron 3

The mid-bottom Phylon material, the large-capacity Zoom Air cushion and the Pebax heel cover form the Zoom LeBron III suspension system, which has a good cushioning effect and excellent combat effect.

4, Nike Zoom LeBron 4

The body has a unique wave shape, combined with Foamposite material for better support. The midsole hides the full Zoom Air cushion in the insole for a soft and comfortable cushioning. This pair of sneakers also accompanied James for the first time in the finals.

5, Nike Zoom LeBron 5

Using the lighter foaming material Phyposite, which is distributed on the body, heel and sole, it can increase the protection of the shoes. The carbon plate of the medium foot increases the stability of the shoes. The full palm Zoom Air provides excellent cushioning. effect. It is worth mentioning that this shoe prints the map of James's hometown of Akron on the sole of the foot.

6, Nike Zoom LeBron 6

The dual-density Phylon with a double-layer Zoom Air cushion midsole provides excellent foot feel and cushioning, and the leather upper provides excellent wrapping performance. Overall, this is a combination of perfect performance and stylish look. Boots. Lebron 6 also became the first MVP boots to help the emperor ascend the throne.

7, Nike Air Max Lebron 7

These shoes have become an important turning point for the LeBron series of shoes, adding the more powerful full-featured Air Max 360 air cushion and lywire flying line technology, giving the foot a strong support and protection, while still being light enough.
8, Nike Air Max Lebron 8

The improved Air Max 360 has a better air cushion feel, plus a soft and comfortable leather upper, integrated mesh boot, and Flywire combine to give the shoe a comfortable fit and a stable support.

9, Nike Zoom Lebron 9

The upper combines Hyperfue and Flywire to create a new three-layer composite upper that is lightweight and breathable. The combination of the forefoot Zoom Air cushion and the rear Palm Air Max180 air cushion provides comfortable and fast response and reliable and stable cushioning. Lebron 9 has opened a new era of James series!

b7ze60ah554854 , jg8mg9jqee4755 , b7ze70bi552524 , mjbpjdmthh4554 , ig7mf8iped227 , qnftmgpwll334 , jg7mg8jqee814 , 41u81v4c0z1843 , hf6le7hodc1953 , 20s6zt2ayx242 , a6zd60ah443119 , b7ze60ah55634 , 1zr5ys18xw549 , tqiwqjt0oo491 , 2zr5ys18xx5545 , 74xc4y7f32830 , 63wa3x6e115138 , nkdqkenuii62 , tqiwqkt0oo515 , gd4jc5gmbb528 , tqiwqjt0oo350 , 96yd5z9h444727 , 63va3w6e113633 , kh8nhakrff5332 , b80f71bi651943 , tqiwqjt0oo726 , d91g82cj77627 , vskyrlv1qq308 , 74xc4y7f32546 , tqiwqkt0oo4725 , 74wb4y7f22323 , ljbpiclshg437 , zwo2vpz6uu3451 , ki9ohbkrgf622 , rphvoirynm528 , 63v92w5d11509 , c81g82cj762549 , c81f82cj76452 , if6le7hodd378 , 52u81v4c005530 , qnftmgpwll5010 , xum0tnw3ss264 , 96yd5z9g44230 , mjbpjdmthh5512 , oleslfovkj2132 , urkyrlu1qp5244 , 31t70u3bzy5524 , tqjxqkt0po653 , 74xb4y7f225121 , 2zr5ys28xx3144 , he5kd6gncc502 , libpiclshg4817 , kh8ngajqff146 , 63va3w6e115543 , li9ohbkrgg5357 , 0xq3xr07vv827 , 30s60u3byy1033 , zwp2wqz6uu4932 , vskyslv2qq306 , 63wb3x6e215026 , jg8mg9jqee541 , 85xc4y7f33547 , roguohrymm347 , roguohrymm327 , roguohrymm723 , 52u82w5d003358 , eb3ib4el983245 , pmesmgpwkk2740 , xum0tnw3ss914 , yvn1uox4tt1919 , 96yd6z9h44195 , 2zs5zt2axx3239 , 2zr5zt29xx41 , 74wb3x6e22342 , nkdrkenuji936 , jg8mg9jqee2131 , da2ha3dk875439 , qnftngqx111836 , 1yq4yr18ww849 , 31t70u3bzy941
10, Nike Zoom Lebron 10

Equipped with a new generation of Dynamic Flywire dynamic flying line technology, combined with the Hyperfuse upper structure, it combines light weight, wear resistance and breathability. The midsole uses the full palm Zoom Air air cushion, the midsole and the TPU stabilizer on both sides of the shoe body to achieve the ultimate in comfort and cushioning. Lebron 10 also witnessed James' second road to championship.

11, Nike Zoom Lebron 11

The Dynamic Flywire dynamic flying line plus the Hyperfuse upper structure ensures excellent wrap and breathability of the upper; the air cushion of the full-hand Lunarlon+Zoom Air creates the ultimate cushioning experience.

12, Nike Zoom Lebron 12

For the first time, the Lebron 12 features a one-piece tongue design with a Megafuse upper that provides a lightweight, breathable experience that adds to the sneakers' grip; the sneakers have a new cushioning system in the forefoot, multiple hexagons The Zoom Air cushion is distributed to different parts of the sole, corresponding to the various pressure points of the foot, resulting in more powerful bursts and feedback.

13, Nike Zoom Lebron 13

Embed a small unit hexagonal rubber mat into the large Nike Zoom Air cushion to make it more flexible when it breaks through. The carbon fiber stabilizer effectively strengthens the midfoot, improves stability, and is flexible and wearable. Kurim shoe cage combined with Flywire flying line technology Make the shoes lighter and more flexible, and the Phylon midsole has enough cushioning effect.

14, Nike Zoom Lebron 14

The 14th generation of LeBron sneakers series is still a lighter concept, the design of the integrated "shoes", with the three-layer elastic mesh upper material, lighter and more breathable, comfortable fit, the return of the Velcro, also help further Improve the overall feeling of the shoes.

15, Nike Zoom Lebron 15

The Flyknit woven material is equipped with an integrated body and dynamic lace system to securely lock the foot. It is full of tidal and escort for both feet; the midsole is presented in a black technology with a separate Zoom embedded in the Max air cushion to maximize The cushioning performance makes the overall sneakers safer and more comfortable.

nike air zoom huarache 64

If you want to buy sneakers, most people will choose to have well-known brand protection. Among them, Nike Nike shoes are a very good choice. Next, let's take a look at several Nike Nike basketball shoes.

First, take a look at the first Nike basketball shoes - Nike air zoom huarache 64, the upper is made of synthetic leather with durable mesh, providing light comfort, breathability and support when needed; TPU chassis at the heel is at the foot Stable feet on the bed; full length lightweight phylon midsole, full length zoom air cushion and full length carbon fiber spring disc for added comfort; hard rubber outsole with maximum traction herringbone pattern for perfect grip; Nike air zoom huarache 64 basketball shoes have a good sense of comfort, while strengthening the connection is the essence of Huarache, suitable for professional elites and college athletes. Provide a clear, fluid movement.

The second is Nike air zoom huarache excel AF basketball shoes, the upper is made of lightweight synthetic leather, providing a comfortable feeling; complete ankle strap with a complete intermediate chassis for optimum stability and stability; The TPU plates on the sides of the heel provide the most stable heel movement; the perforated sides are open for added breathability. The central lightweight Phylon uses natural movement principles to enhance flexibility in the forefoot area; the improved outsole pattern provides maximum traction in the forefoot and heel with herringbone pattern; Nike air zoom huarache excel AF lightweight, Stick to the ground, increase the flexibility and optimal response of the forefoot to meet the requirements of athletes who are looking for speed limits.

30s60t3byy1159 , 41t71v4czz251 , a6ze60ah544921 , tqiwpjszoo2352 , hf6le7hodc658 , nkcqjdmtii529 , he5kd6gncc039 , 1yr4ys18ww711 , oldrkenujj343 , eb3ib4el982125 , 2zr5zs29xx5838 , vskysmv2qq839 , pmeslfovkk2250 , gd4jd6gnbb517 , 96yd5z9g44731 , 1yq4ys18ww5548 , c80f71bi662737 , 96yd6z9h44637 , zwo2wpz6uu4811 , 52u81v4c005451 , 0xq3xr07vv241 , eb2hb3el885228 , pmesmgpwkk357 , 52v92w5d1014 , he5ke6hocc1934 , gd4jc5fmbb4539 , nkcqkenuii4457 , 30s60u3byy5428 , 53v92w5d10657 , kh8nhakrff450 , sphvoirynn4830 , b70f71bi652546 , xum0tnw3ss651 , 86yd5z8g4366 , 1yq4xr07ww539 , vskyrlu1qq146 , mjbpicmthh415 , 85xc5y8g33447 , qnftngqxll331 , 74wb4x7f22043 , rogunhqxmm730 , gd4jd6gnbb3435 , oldrkenujj229 , vslysmv2qq622 , spiwpjszon3018 , da1g93dk77335 , ywo2vpy5ut555 , nldrkenuji2928 , urjxqku1pp3550 , kh8ngakrff2016 , 63va3x6e11541 , qogunhqxml288 , jg7mf8jqee428 , nkcqkenuii752 , pmesmfpwkk5455 , he5kd6gncc2133 , 0xp3xr07vv5934 , sqiwpjszon2037 , nkdrkenuji640 , 30t70u3bzy514 , 74xc4y7f32526 , 41t71u4czz2255 , 85xc5z8g33434 , mjbpiclshh5426 , c81f82cj662125 , fc4jc5fmba224 , 0xp3xq07vv114 , b70e71bi55442 , wtlzsmv2rr4515 , 52u82v5d005116 , 63va3w6e11938 , 64wb3x6e213244 , roguoirymm4548 , urjxqku1pp457 , c91g82cj764923 , vtlzsmv2rq2154 , zwo2wqz6uu332 , 1zr5ys18xw563 , gd4jd6gnbb2136 , yvo1vpy5tt355
Finally, let's take a look at Nike nike air tech challenge huarache tennis shoes, white / turbo green color, with a white body with a gray background, turbine green dotted with lining / heel / part of the midsole and outsole, followed by a texture Decorative, infused with ink on the bottom. Do you think Nike nike air tech challenge huarache looks good?

Is the poison bee suitable for wide feet? I believe this problem is of concern to Connaught consumers. Indeed, we can see from the surface of the shoes that the shoes are pointed and the slender curvature makes it look more suitable for friends with narrow feet. . In fact, the poison bee is small, which requires the buyer to pay attention to whether the shoe belongs to the European code or the British code or the US code before purchasing, so that many unnecessary troubles can be avoided. In the purchase process, try to choose some of the larger code. At the same time, the small problem is not too much attention, because it is designed to make the player lighter, more responsive, and able to react at critical moments.

Nike poison bee evaluation let us see the charm of the brand football shoes, even if it is an outdoor artificial lawn, we do not have to worry too much about its grazing ability will decline, compared to other brands, the brand is your ideal choice . Nike bee bee evaluation helps buyers better understand the brand of poison bee, making it easy for you to have a good pair of football shoes. If you want to buy genuine products, you still need to go to the official website or the flagship store to buy. Asking the seller for the invoice is the key to protect your own interests. Choose a good after-sales seller to reduce the trouble of returning goods.

Good after-sales service to solve the problem that the poison bee is suitable for wide feet. Once you find that your feet can't adapt to this shoes, you need to return them immediately. Don't force yourself to wear them. In addition, we can understand in the evaluation of Nike bee bee, poison bee shoes basically meet the different degrees of foot width of friends, if you really encounter huge feet, then you can contact customer service for personal customization to solve this problem.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

nike kobe ad

For fans who love Kobe, want to learn more about nike kobe ad. After all, although Bryant retired, but many people still can pass its boots, so that fans and idols fight together. In particular, the release of shoes just in his retirement year, more memorable, therefore, through the Nike Bryant ad assessment so that fans have in-depth understanding.

On the material, Nike Bryant ad nxt still uses engineering mesh, so that the weight of the shoes is very light, but also very good performance on the permeability. At the same time, the overall look is very comfortable, smooth upper vamp, texture is very texture. At the same time in the end of the material used in Nike Bryant ad joined the lunar, very strong and durable, but also because the back part of the palm added a good ZOOM cushion, so that the overall damping effect is wrong. In addition, the outer part of the shoe by adding a layer of rubber around the sheet, not only to protect the shoes stronger, and nike Bryant ad added electroplating technology above, so that the overall presentation of a very colorful gloss, visual effect is very eye-catching, giving a A strong sense of science and technology.

Of course, in addition, the soles in nike kobe a.d. nxt also added a layer of translucent crystal, but also to the entire shoe to add a handsome. Overall, it is also very consistent with Bryant's style, the overall Nike 12ad low-key basketball shoes highlight the details domineering. Especially Kobe's flexibility, given the shoes are also very lightweight. This nike basketball shoes ad can allow fans in the play time, you can do without any worries to do all kinds of action. However, nike basketball shoes nxt for sure or to more professional venues, after all, as a high-end shoes, or cherish some of the better.

Attention Nike360 friends, attention here, for everyone to be a Nike Nike360 casual shoes, casual shorts, jacket introduction and with the way, many of my friends are ruthless Nike360 this series of life, especially now the summer is coming, a lot of People are beginning to put on shorts, so concerned about Nike 360 ​​casual shorts, Nike 360 ​​casual shoes and Nike 360 ​​casual shirt more and more friends, want to know how to match their own Nike 360 ​​casual shoes and Nike 360 ​​casual pants Shorts? Want to make this summer more Nike 360 ​​casual? Then introduce several ways with.
We all know that Nike360 is the main casual fashion style clothing apparel series, Nike360 is provided by the life of sportswear for fashion men and women, it incorporates the latest technology and comfort, but also a combination of functionality and fashion. This series of clothing style strong, casual appearance, both in office and party are suitable for wearing.

In the summer such a hot weather, many will choose to wear Nike 360 ​​casual shorts, Nike 360 ​​casual shirt to make their more show summer casual style. The Nike 360 ​​casual shorts and Nike 360 ​​casual shirt itself is a good combination, the soles can also be coupled with Nike 360 ​​casual shoes, fully armed Nike 360 ​​casual feel, so you have a better life experience. Many people will choose to go swimming at the beach or in the swimming pool in summertime. At this time, you can wear a simple vest, a Nike 360 ​​casual shorts, a pair of Nike 360 ​​casual shoes, or Nike 360 ​​slippers, Dress is very simple and concise, close to nature.

Stand-collar Nike 360 ​​casual shirt can also be used with Nike 360 ​​casual pants, or suit shorts, shoes can choose Nike 360 ​​casual shoes with, or cowhide slippers, wearing a pair of black sunglasses even more shape, the white Nike 360 ​​casual shorts upper body With gray Nike 360 ​​casual shirt POLO shirt T shirt, white Nike 360 ​​casual pants has always been a confident performance, while the white Nike 360 ​​casual shorts are more stylish, is the fashion of self-confidence. It is necessary for gentlemen or ladies who take the elegant path to prepare two summertime Nike 360 ​​casual shorts and Nike 360 ​​casual shoes in summer for their summer.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

nike james14

Do not understand nike James 14 fans, the beginning of contact with shoes, but the appearance of shoes can feel its power, here to be a comprehensive analysis of Nike James Elite 14 so that no contact with the fans, close contact with this powerful double Boots, so like fans can wear it in the game wantonly his own technology.

Many fans at the beginning to see Nike James 14 generations, will lament a really conscience, in addition to a powerful fly line, the integration of the upper shape, there is a very good carbon plate, when you really feel that is to Such a large carbon plate, spend money has been very valuable, there are very thick padding. Overall, the fit between the soles and feet, nike basketball shoes lbj14 do not say is to achieve the ultimate, but also already belong to the highest level. So that we can feel full of security when wearing, you can easily make a variety of basketball moves. Of course, as a strong player's boots, overall, the shoe is relatively wide, so some small feet of the fans may feel a bit big, but the strong wrapping of the shoes have no problem.

Especially in the play will inevitably have stepped on when others, but nike real basketball shoes 14 in the actual combat will have a very good performance, to be in your feet when the crooked, there will be a very obvious pull back forces appear. This is the embodiment of powerful boots. This point can be fully reflected in the ZOOM, nike james14 several powerful ZOOM, so that we can in all venues have no need to worry about. Overall, nike basketball shoes james14 in protective, stability, shock absorption is to do the most top, I believe for those who are not the pursuit of speed players, is the best choice, do not have the slightest hesitation.

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Students for sports classes in the running exercise, or the pursuit of outdoor work family will have their own pairs of running shoes, so why do so many people buy air running shoes? What brand of air running shoes is better? Nike air cushion running shoes is a very good pair Sporting goods.

Nike air cushion running shoes in the end what is the purpose? So many people have the pursuit of this style of shoes? In fact, many people have pursued the air-cushioned shoes, because this style of shoes have special features: soles A gas storage cavity is formed between the upper portion and the lower portion of the sole for forming an air cushion, the gas storage cavity forms a venting device with an air inlet channel and an air outlet channel provided on the shoe, wherein the air inlet channel is vertically disposed at the rear end of the shoe, From top to bottom with the gas storage chamber connected to the outlet channel is arranged horizontally in the upper part of the shoe, up and down, respectively, with the shoe within the gas storage chamber.

Name shoes store hot NIKE Air Max 90 HYP PRM Nike running shoes men's shoes 454446-017 belongs to Nike air cushion running shoes. This shoe made of rubber outsole with good anti-skid performance, and help the surface with artificial leather and fabric, made of mesh surface has very good breathability. Inspired by the all-time NIKE boots from the 90s, this Nike cushioned running shoe features a leather-lined finish that provides dependable support for both feet, full-length PU midsole, AIRSOLE and rubber outsole structure Bring outstanding shock absorption and grip effect, let you add more comfortable and relaxed leisure life.
Nike cushion running shoes are popular young people and fashion people pro-gaze, if one day you also need to buy a pair of air cushion shoes, may wish to consider Nike air cushion running shoes, let you through once absolutely want to buy the second Oh!

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Air Jordan V Red Tails

At the beginning of 2012, Nike at Portman's black history monthly sale, showing new products also appeared some rare nike Jordan shoes. One of the special Air Jordan V "Red Tails" samples I've never seen before should appeal to a lot of shoe fans. We all know nike Jordan's actual inspiration for the Air Jordan V is derived from all of our familiar original fighter appearance, and this time to see this nike Jordan's Air Jordan V "Red Tails" also inspired by George Lucca Sri Lanka's "Red Tail" film about World War II, the first black pilots in the United States to overcome the current system and ethnic restrictions, formed a pilot with a special bomber escort - Tarski pilots (Tuskegee Airmen). Their planes were painted "red tails," so it became their nickname.

"Red Tail," the first pilot formation of African Americans in the history of the United States, was sent to Alabama for war training and stood ready to fight. There, they experienced rampant racism and harassment, and their ability to fly and fight was once questioned, but the remarkable performance of "Red Tail" in the air prompted the Air Force to abolish apartheid. They also played an indispensable role in the conflicts with Italy and Germany. After reading these introductions, we will take a look at this special shoes! This nike Nike Jordan shoes silver body color suede material, with crystal-colored outsole, it is noteworthy that full of energy The red splash color heel design, can be described as the ultimate bright spot and inspiration.

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Nike Jordan has been for many athletes and non-athletes consumers love, red-tailed shoes will be born how the storm will bring it? We will wait and see!

Nike (NIKE), the world's leading sporting goods brand. NIKE English original meaning is the Greek goddess of victory. Blue belt sports goods company in 1963 established the main sporting goods, in 1972, the company changed its name to Nike Blue Ribbon. This is the broad understanding of Nike. Nike Jordan Nike is a sub-brand. jordan Nike Jordan began in 1984, the famous American professional basketball player has a trapeze called Michael Jordan and Nike co-founded Nike jordan. From the beginning of the brilliant era of Nike jordan. Jordan basketball shoes Nike Jordan evolution history up to now have experienced a total of twenty generations. Nike jordan generation and there is no scientific and technological content, the second generation is also based on the design of a more concise. However, three generations of Jordan Nike Jordan has created a flying air cushioned shoes precedent. At the same time, Nike jordan series for the first time using the trapeze signs, since then this mark has been formally used to Jordan's brand of various goods. The next generation is based on the previous improvements made. However, each generation of Nike jordan shoes are classic. It is worth mentioning that in these twenty generations of jordan Nike Jordan's twenty generations of products, Jordan 9 generations, is the only Jordan before the second retired Jordan did not wear Jordan shoes in the arena.

Nike jordan series of shoes in sales and market demand far ahead of other products, each year for the entire sports shoes industry to establish one after another higher standards of design, innovation and functionality. At the core of the lineup is the perfect combination of athlete and technology - the most dazzling superstar Michael Jordan in basketball history and the basketball shoe that accompanied the superstar's brilliant career, underscoring his relentless pursuit of functionality, innovation and achievement.