Thursday, December 14, 2017

nike x clot air max sp

nike from birth to now brought us many classic and memories. Many people crazy series in the nike this brand into everyone's vision. Have to say, nike shock to everyone is still very large. Now nike a strong return. In 2006, MC Ren acupuncture elements combined with sports technology CLOT x Nike Air Max 1 NL "Kiss Of Death" Once known as the most worthy of the Air Max 1 shoes. And seven years later this summer, CLOT announced that it will be a new form of this pair of classic engraved. Limited Edition "kiss of death" of the charm!

The new form engraved the classic year, this is both a challenge and a pressure. Do not know how to interpret it? The use of Fuse technology to create the entire body of white shoes to cover the entire death kiss, the first year version of the orange part has been replaced, and The tongue and lace hole part of the green, followed by the pattern is intact. Although the first-year version of the transparent toe and luxury materials disappear in the new version this summer, but no doubt this pair of CLOT x Nike Air Max 1 SP "KISS OF DEATH" will still become a new generation of classic shoes. In my personal understanding, the classics will not be surpassed. nike x clot air max should live up to expectations!
Kiss of death, limited edition, I think it is enough just for everyone to scream again and again, so that everyone has a deeper understanding of the nike brand and look forward to. The shoes to white and green for the mix, the choice of color, fashion, fashion and retain the classic atmosphere. We look forward to it, give the deepest expectations!

The north wind is also unscrupulously blowing, this time we all wrapped in thick down jacket, thinking is how to make themselves more warm, but in fact, even if January is the spring of all things up! A variety of spring, shoes are not Smell its first heard of its "shape", the major brands have introduced a variety of spring masterpiece. Let's take a look at what the 2014 nike will launch for us.
Nike blockbuster, breath launched two new Air Force 1 color. This pair of spring 2014 new products with the earlier exposure of the "Spider-Man" color Air Foamposite Pro echoes, shoe body red, black and blue three phase with black lines, showing Spider-Man leap in the skyscraper speed sense. This "Spider-Man" color is full of strong contrast, before the red and blue with a comic in the speed line, split personality style 100% impact; the other a black / pink color, the use of ink dot effect design , The color is full of artistic sense. Both shoes are motivated by the vitality of the spring is not far away.

Unlike the first Kobe 9 basketball shoe that uses Nike Flyknit, the Kobe 9 is equipped with three leading sports shoe technologies: nike flyknit, flywire and unarlon, redefining the meaning of basketball shoes in terms of both aesthetics and performance . 2014 Air Force 1 a bit simple, no new technology. Just the same but it is so exciting: the new! We know that major brands are rolling out their own 2014 new. For example, the commemorative edition of the Year of the Horse, which is also getting hotter, the pursuit of trendy things has always been the most direct instinct we all, but do not overlook the classic is everyone's favorite Oh, Nike brand air max 90 series Bring a lot of memories for everyone. The classic collection of running shoes designed to create the perfect blend of classic heel visual cushions and stylish colors. So, classic and new how you will choose?

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

nike jordan 2x

Nike air jordan basketball shoes are generally based, is the style of the boys, but fewer women's shoes, but once launched a women's shoes, air jordan will be very popular, for example, People like the main reason for the South Coast, not surprisingly, it can be attributed to its own color with it, I believe many consumers are attracted by its color matching. Why so sure? Let us together to listen to our Jordan shoes lovers opinions.

"The South Coast should be said to give people a visual impact right, very few colors of the shoes will be so bright, very attractive to people's attention, it can be said that this shoe can give people a unforgettable feeling. This shoe is also particularly comfortable to wear, friends around me like this air jordan4 South Coast, we are Jordanian brand attention to the fans oh. "South Coast is the Jordan Brand dedicated to the finale of the highlight of the girls, Designed for girls a shoe, boys can act up, the South Coast color Air Jordan 4 has been shelves for sale. Shoe body mainly in black, shoelaces and lined with a selection of dazzling blue, flying Logo and lace are selected bright pink, white midsole with a pink outsole
Ginger who worked for two years told reporters that for so many years running around, thanks to the Jordan brand shoes for many years to accompany, not only let her reduce the pain, but also always give it a warm and comfortable moment, I believe This is also the main reason consumers like the South Coast. Black powder color is a lot of girls like the color, low profile and yet lovely, the girls shy use this color is very appropriate.

Jordan bought the brand basketball shoes, consumers will know that Jordan shoes shape design inheritance classic appearance, to keep pace with the trend of the elements let it both external and combat. Jordan shoes launched 11, due to good market response, Jordan brand developers have introduced Jordan shoes 12,13, both in the material selection or appearance of the design are heritage 11.12, on the basis of this to be modified and innovative . Jordan shoes a large area of ​​the leather upper gives a feeling of prudence, which is why so many people will choose a Jordan brand a very important reason.

Jordan shoes 13 According to diversified consumer demand to produce basketball shoes to meet consumer demand, many consumers are facing this footwork is not smooth problem, most of the current sports shoes are hard to break through this bottleneck. After the development of Jordan brand R & D and innovation, the shoes designed to meet the needs of athletes movement of the feet smooth. The price of Jordan shoes 11 is relatively low, but compared to its high prices, its quality is higher, its sales are considerable. I believe in the future development of Jordan's products, will give consumers more surprises.
Due to the different styles of boys' feet, Jordan Shoes 12 also specifically for those big boys custom 45,46 or even larger shoes. You are still complaining about their skills is not it? Do not worry, a pair of high quality Jordan shoes can help you get it, it is applicable to a wide range, whether you want to mountaineering or playing. Running and some other outdoor sports, a pair of Jordan shoes 13 can easily help you get it, buy now have the opportunity to send cotton socks, so you buy it value for money get it!

Sunday, December 10, 2017

nike bomba finale ii tf

This shoe recently very popular, it should be said that the series of shoes is the development of five-man football prosperous. Exaggerated color trend with full range of children, but still comfortable and generous design style makes people unable to stop. nike bomba ii is an innovation based on the original, a new style and color match not only shows the innovative spirit of Nike, but also the speed and passion perfect show. It is no wonder that so many fans who love football are very fascinated with this shoe.

Nike bomba finale soles are still wear-resistant and non-slip rubber, to ensure the safety of athletes. Let people rest assured exercise at the same time, can effectively protect the body not because of excessive exercise and intense exercise and damage. Second, nike bomba finale's upper with high-tech materials, covered with a layer of polyurethane, not only make the shoes more breathable, but also reduce the weight of the shoes so that the shoes more light, more comfortable to wear. This design, and fully demonstrated the good intentions of Nike.
Nike bomba finale ii tf To comfort, power, security-based play, for fans, is a rare boutique. Although the price of this shoe is relatively high, but for Nike fans, good things never afraid of expensive. The color of this shoe is also very trendy, the perfect match of orange and black, like the collision of angels and demons, giving a huge visual impact. In many sports shoes products, nike bomba ii can definitely hit your eye. The high-tech shoes at the bottom of the bump design also fully fit the soles of the feet, but also contribute to the movement effect. Of course, this shoe is also more comfortable to wear, for those who want to improve the performance of sports, choose it absolutely right.

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In the game, we all want to become the focus of the audience, the field can grasp the overall situation, want to be such a person, not only by their own efforts and talent, but also a pair of good shoes help, a pair of good shoes often Can let us do more with less, then it will be a pair of what kind of shoes? Xiaobian today for everyone to introduce is the nike id for everyone to create a personal Nike LeBron 11, to create your own game.

LeBron 11 basketball shoes with a smaller amount of outsole rubber design, combined with the new lunarlon cushioning configuration, making it the lightest so far a pair of James exclusive boots, while both strength and comfort. Nikeid join the luminous elements or a new limited edition pattern covering the upper casting LeBron 11, occupy all the sight of the audience. The new LeBron 11 most let us detonate the eye is that the metal armor pattern, and that chroma material two-tone gradient effect, you can also add ink on the vamp pattern, it is a unique boots.
Nikeid also thoughtful of the venue, especially for the race to customize exclusive outsole, indoor court can choose translucent outsole, and the field is using a special super wear XDR outsole. LeBron 11 cushioning response lies in the full palm of the zoom cushion, zoom cushion specifically tailored for the LeBron 11, excellent protection and express the perfect combination of response, LeBron 11 this nike basketball shoes is nike zoom air cushion based on the full Palm lunarlon cushioning technology, to create the ultimate cushioning effect. Super strong and lightweight flywire fly line can be dynamically fit your feet, then you are free to run on the pitch, not be tired of shoes. Hyperfuse upper science and technology award three-layer composite materials into one, the ultimate in ultra-light cast, breathable wear more than the upper, more than naturally fit our pace.

Friday, December 8, 2017

nike lunar flyknit

nike lunarfly and nike lunar flyknit these two shoes, if we know them, I think mainly because of a very famous sports - marathon, in the marathon, there are many athletes will choose these two sports together equipment, As a good helper in the game. Of course, many people are also aware of these two shoes because of such sports, in the eyes of the people, these two shoes is so dazzling, because every time the world's top players break the record, we will not only think Athletes, but also think of these two shoes.

Nike lunarfly and nike lunar flyknit is Nike's two very successful and very famous two shoes, these two shoes is the company specifically for long-distance runners to create a favorable helper. Especially in such a marathon world-class competition, these two shoes can be described as everywhere they are. This is mainly because these two shoes, first of all, the quality is very light, if worn on the feet, it is like wearing a pair of socks, the other is the design of these two shoes is very clever, can effectively protect the athletes Foot joints, in the exercise process can play a very good role.

nike lunarfly and nike lunar flyknit is also very popular in the market today, the majority of consumer friends have a lot of praise for these two shoes, of course, this is the superior quality with these two shoes can not be separated, which also Thanks to these outstanding designers Nike is their continuous efforts to create such a miracle. We are full of joy to appreciate this masterpiece, but also when we are full of confidence Nike products, we need more miracles to enrich our lives, we love Nike.

Talking about the current number of sports brands, the most popular with our consumers must be Adidas and Nike, these two major international brands. Adi Nike brand please? Many loyal consumers, you can certainly give you the affirmative answer, as the two most authoritative brand sports brand, Adi and Nike latest developments, but also directly affect the trend of the entire sports brand, a lot of Consumers will also compare these two brands Adidas shoes and Nike shoes each have their own merits? Adidas VS Nike, which brand better?

       Today we come carefully for everyone to analyze Adidas and Nike shoes, what are the advantages. First of all, Adidas, the most important feature of this brand of shoes is that it uses Adi dedicated vibration damping material, the use of the most advanced bridge technology, more durable soles, and most importantly It is also one of the most important advantages of this special material that the foot can be better protected during our exercise.
        Classic Adidas VS Nike we divided into two routes, let's talk about Nike. Nike shoes, soles are very soft, Nike shoes with ZOOM technology, the brand's shoes shockproof, pay more attention to the comfort of the shoes themselves. Suitable for all kinds of sports.
         Although these two brands of shoes, each different, but they are also different, our consumers, according to their own needs, make a reasonable purchase, Adidas brand? OK, the answer must be yes, want to Buy sports shoes, then these two brands of shoes, we must be the best choice for consumers.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

air max 1nike air max 90 ogairmax

The episode "You From the Stars" has ended unknowingly for more than two months, but everyone's impression of Du Minjun and Thousandsong Yi remains at yesterday. Since the "You From The Stars" hit, Iraq became the goddess of the public, and all professors became the world's favorite woman, a woman, not only because of the professor's handsome, his style in the play is definitely why thousands of women fascinated him, the play That pair of Nike air max 90 is not for everyone to leave a deep impression on it? Many people are professors handsome dress upset. Nike air Max strong evolution, will teach handsome handsome set off perfect. Today let us take a look at this professor are all Nike shoes.

Origin of Nike AIR MAX: In the late 1970s, the revolutionary Air-Sole air cushion began to emerge in Nike's footwear products. In 1987, Air Max first appeared in the heel area with a windowed air cushion, and shoe fans Not only can you feel Air-Sole comfort, but also to see its true content. Just a few years later, the new generation of Nike Air Max 90 with its eye-catching color combinations, reliable performance and lightweight cushioning effect, quickly became popular among athletes and collectors. This is also the mouth of the air cushion shoes.

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The air max90 is a redesigned running shoe based on early 1990's casual sneakers with a high-quality leather upper that supports the lock. This shoe is not only stylish and comfortable, but also boasts enhanced features that make it the choice of many fashion men. Whether with jeans or like the same professor with casual pants are very nice.

"If I can fly, I will seize the sky!" Yes, this domineering declaration is derived from the trapeze Jordan. If Chamberlain and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar are the darling of God, then Jordan is God himself! In the history of the NBA, Jordan is an immortal legend! Love of basketball, love for Jordan can not be expressed in words. This is the reason why Jordan's online merchandise is strongly touted.

If you want to catch the sky like the trapeze, then go look for the airborne equipment! The advent of numerous fans so crazy. Relying on simple and neat esthetics, combined with the idea of ​​innovation, Air Jordan men's basketball shoes add reflective elements and classic details of the design, pay tribute to the generation of basketball legend at the same time, with extraordinary attitude to achieve peak return.

Air jordan2014 new shoes vamp, shoe body using creative design of the hole is comfortable breathing feet. One-piece PU built-in midsole and insole, light shoes cushioning, superior comfort. Rock mottled lines bring a strong grip, allowing you to easily dominate the stadium! According to the different parts of the arch design of different lines of non-slip pattern, even if the track changes, you can calmly deal with.
You have heard of the origins of the legend? This is also the origin of design inspiration. A wonderful winning goal to Michael Jordan from North Carolina won the national championship in one fell swoop, astonishing record so that he became the leader in basketball. In 1985, he wore the first year Air Jordan 1 system hegemony stadium, set a new benchmark in performance and fashion, and broke the league pattern, defeated the will of the opponent, captured the hearts of countless fans around the world.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

nike free trainer 3.0 mid shield

Nike 3.0 barefoot running shoes is actually a specially prepared for the athletes shoes. Sprinters in training must wear professional shoes to make the training effect more prominent, and nike free3.0 is a suitable for sprinter shoes. This shoe is like running barefoot on the runway. Nike 3.0 barefoot running shoes can help athletes exercise their own leg muscles, which is Nike Barefoot 3.0 much athlete like it.
3.0 upper design so that shoes breathable strong, double elastic plate design enhances the upper elastic, not because when the jumper is too rigid because of the upper impact on runners speed. Nike barefoot 3.0 enhance the softness of the barefoot experience. Jogging on the flexibility of the shoes is not low, free sipes design so that the forefoot part is very solid, while the compression EVA design adds Nike cushioning effect. Shoes outsole added BRS1000 rubber, so that shoes wear performance is also higher.

Nike free trainer 3.0 is that one can make the athlete's footsteps and leg strength obviously exercise shoes. This is the most suitable shoe in highly sensitive training. From the design can be seen it and a variety of other obvious difference between running shoes. Such as nike free trainer 3.0 mid shield also joined a layer of fabric linked to the sole, so that shoes become more lightweight.
However, as a pair of shoes worn in sports, it is not suitable for everyday walking, because it can basically be said that there is no suspension, but also the sole part is also particularly soft. This is also the obvious difference between Nike Barefoot 7.0 and Nike Barefoot 7.0 because 7.0 has been able to meet the needs of everyday walking wear. From the above description you can know when wearing Nike barefoot series should understand the appropriate environment.

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nike red coconut pre-sale when the global user's attention. Not only are American users quite fond of this series of shoes, domestic users are also very much looking forward to having a pair of these shoes. Nike red coconut Nike shoes in the importance of very large. Nike Coconut Series 2 is designed specifically for the world-renowned singer West designed. The price tag of this shoe is set at 1999 yuan.
However, the final purchase price of nike red coconut is certainly not 1999, because many consumers around the world are concerned about these shoes, so the shoes prices soaring. Inside the coconut series, the price of red coconut is the highest, some shoes or even speculation of the price of tens of thousands of dollars. Although the price is particularly high, but some people still buy this shoe. Nike coconut red appearance has attracted the attention of many consumers.

The entire shoe uppers are basically diamond-based design style, and even the shoelace buckle part is diamond. Even more surprising is that there are actually Roman numerals on the back of the shoe. The shape of the bottom part of the shoe is also very natural, completely unobtrusive. Nike coconut red toe part of the use of suede design, its toe than the two sides also have a relatively narrower. The shoe insoles will be found in the bottom of the shoes there is a letter R.
For people who want to know about this shoe, look at Nike red coconut picture can understand about. There are also consumers speculation before the Nike pre-sale news has been the final look of this shoe. This shoe as Nike coconut series of high-end products, whether it is from the wearing experience or shoes or shoes on top of the material represents the strength of Nike.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

nike barkley posite max

About nike barkley posite max evaluation Xiaobian today to lead everyone to discuss the Barkley 76 Invisible This section assumed a great look forward to the shoes. According to many other baccarat enthusiasts and sports enthusiasts have started this shoe after the relevant nike barkley posite max evaluation and other feedback, only to see it after the picture, there are a lot of people feel tempted, Indeed, Xiao Bian also have a heartfelt praise: this is really the eye-catching shoes!

nike barkley posite max evaluation combined with its clear picture, will make you fool around, luminous outsole, air max air cushion, gorgeous posite material vamp, conspicuous zigzag pattern decoration, the whole pair of shoes is so glittering, if necessary Use a word to describe it, that is: eye-catching. Just sitting there, it will make you like it. nike barkley posite max evaluation found that it is so simple and looks a pair of shoes, in fact, incorporates a number of top technology.

Or be fooled by its superb looks, and if you think it might be flashy, that's a big mistake. It not only looks lovely, but also equally impressive inside. Entire pair of shoes Whether it is the use of high-tech materials, the upper or ingenious city of carbon plate, whether it is fully palm cushion in the end or dazzling luminous outsole, everything is so high-end atmosphere, nike barkley posite max evaluation believe, It will continue for a very long time since its advent. Nike barkley posite max evaluation that it will be the spirit of Buckley among the elements of the most vividly reflected in every car line, every texture, every detail on the shoes can be reflected.

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In this era of girls in the era of girls can wear shoes is not limited to high heels, flat shoes, canvas shoes, basketball shoes, in fact, is also suitable for girls wearing, even if you are a Meng sister, put on big basketball shoes but will be more prominent You petite and delicate temperament. So what kind of basketball shoes girls look good? Let Xiaobian recommended for you sister several basketball shoes for us.

What girls wear basketball shoes look good - domineering yet delicate and handsome AJ series

AIR JORDAN generation of fashion pink blue shoes
Classic style AJ1 generation series in order to take care of the needs of female consumers, introduced this stylish pink blue casual basketball shoes, which retains the upper line of the basketball department to help protect the ankle features, the soles of the transformation, closer to the board shoes Style. AJ1 such a bright color so that girls wear it even more sweet and lovely.

AIR JORDAN five generations
The 5th generation uses transparent rubber material in the sole and is also a material for future shoes in the movie [Back To The Future 2] with a strong grip. If girls choose it, they can wear khaki overalls or monochrome sports shorts, and shoes with the same color of the clothes line, if coupled with a backpack and the bull flat eaves cap that street even more perfect match!
What basketball girls wear good-looking shoes - delicate and not exaggerated Rose series

Rose series of shoes are more delicate, the series is more suitable for girls or 4.0 Michigan Avenue and boardwalk 3.5 All-Star is not bad, of course, depends on how the clothes, you can wear with bib pants with exaggerated T-shirt, Must be very eye-catching!
What girls wear basketball shoes look good - fashion wild NIKE dunk sb

Nike's DUNK SB series of women's shoes is the most recommended products in the largest number of a paragraph of shoes, from 85 years of the first double Dunk SB turned out to the present, Dunk SB has high, middle and low help, but also A normal level, P-level, S-level! Color is more colorful. In addition, because it is more close to the casual shoes style, so it is better to wear.

Understand Xiaobian recommended girls wear basketball shoes look good, Xiaobian want to say is the most important thing is to wear shoes for their own feet, if you buy good-looking shoes, but wear uncomfortable, it is worth the candle. If you want to rest assured that the purchase of the above recommended for your basketball shoes can be named on the purchase of shoes, will give you a different online shopping experience!