Monday, December 10, 2018

NIKE Air Force 90 AP

If you are an old reader of "feature", you should remember that in the February 2007 issue, the Air Force 25, which was evaluated by Xiaobian, got a comprehensive evaluation of four and a half stars.

Minute. Although Xiaobian can't say that there are countless shoes, but there are more insights. The eyesight of measuring shoes is also quite demanding. I can get a four-and-a-half-star evaluation in Xiaobian’s hands.

Air Force 25 is the strength of this shoe. And as a short version of the Air Force 25, what about the performance of the Air Force 90 AP?

Relative to the Air Force 25, the Air Force 90 changes mainly focus on the midsole. Because there are many versions of the Air Force 25, the difference in the upper material is also better than

Larger, the Air Force 90 we evaluated today is based on full-grain leather and is very close to the Air Force 25. I don’t need much in design, but

To say it is exactly the same. Only the Air Force 90 has no forefoot Zoom Air shock absorber and mid-range carbon plate, followed by Max Air, but the shape has changed, the outsole pattern remains

Keeping the main style, just because there is no translucent part of the crystal, so make some adjustments in the structural proportion. It seems very obvious that the upper-related properties such as support type, package

Wrap, ankle protection, etc. will not change much. What makes us concerned is the performance of its midsole and outsole, such as cushioning, grip, and stability.

Or one by one, let's talk about the buffer damping that everyone cares about. No Zoom, obviously, is very unfavorable for the kinetic energy of the forefoot. Fortunately, the rubber of the Air Force 90 itself is in the forefoot.

Thicker, has little effect on shock absorption. In fact, the kinetic energy of the forefoot is also good, for reasons we will talk about later. Followed by Max Air, it uses the more common horseshoe in the mid-end style.

Shape mode, it feels soft,air max shoes maybe the real functional aspect is not comparable to Air Force 25, but the comfort is still better. Unfortunately, the overall comfort of the Air Force 90

Not very satisfying, especially the failed lace system design and the tight-fitting forefoot boots, so this is not enough for comfort. In the process of testing

In the middle, the shock absorption has always been good, but in the end, in the lateral movement, the stability of the Air Force 90 reveals the horse's foot. Without the protection of the extra-string support, let Xiaobian taste the bitter best basketball shoes.

head. So, in general, the Air Force 90's damping technology itself is not a problem, but the surrounding technology has dragged back.

In terms of durability, the individual does not feel that there is a very serious problem, but according to experience, Max Air is best not to wear the field, and the Air Force 90 upper is also the same.

It is very easy to wrinkle.

I have read the comments of Xiaobian. I don't know what your impression of Air Force 90 is. Finally, I have to explain here, because of some objective factors, this pair of Air Force 90 is this

The test time in the period is the shortest, and it should even be the shortest test time in all the shoes in the “Feeling” section of the “Model”. So in some performances that take a long time to experience,

Such as shock absorption, stability and other aspects of the expression, can only give you a reference. If possible, I hope that everyone will try to go through the store and try to pass it before deciding whether to buy a pair.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Lucky7 VS Unlucky 13

Although I am wearing a pair of Dunk SB Unlucky 13 on my feet, I believe I am lucky because I have both Dunk SB Lucky 7 and Dunk SB Unlucky 13. cheap jordans for sale This is really a rare thing. I originally wanted this pair of twins. Can be a lot of effort. Although they are both Dunk Hi SB and are available for sale at the same time, the situation of these two brothers is not small. Today I will let everyone have a better understanding of these two brothers.

In fact, to compare, Dunk SB Unlucky 13 is more popular with me. I usually prefer Dunk SB Unlucky 13. Compared with the golden Dunk SB Lucky 7, Dunk SB Unlucky 13 is easier to wear, "13" This number may be a lucky number for the Chinese. The homonym has the meaning of “living”, indicating that everything is going well, but in the West, the number “13” is an unknown number, so every Friday of the “13” In the West, it is called "Black Friday", while other Westerners who are concerned with "13" also think it is unlucky. But in today's trend world, these things are no longer taboo, and the more unlucky, cheap foamposites the more you have to touch it, so Dunk SB Unlucky 13 is actually more popular with everyone, compared to the global limited 777 pairs. Dunk SB Lucky 7 is a bit lacking. The golden Dunk SB Lucky 7 is really dazzling, and it adds to the difficulty of matching, and because of the small number (after all, lucky people are always a minority?), Dunk SB Lucky 7 The price has also remained high, adding to the difficulty of buying. So although Dunk SB Lucky 7 has a lucky meaning, but Dunk SB Unlucky 13 is more popular with young people.

Looking at the materials used in both, Dunk SB has never liked to use ordinary leather as the upper material. This pair of twins is also no exception. Dunk SB Lucky 7 uses gold grain leather. Paired with yellow suede, the green "7" is embroidered on the side of the sneakers. The whole pair of lebrons new shoes looks very exaggerated, and the yellow suede is also the weakness of Dunk SB Lucky 7. On the other hand, Dunk SB Unlucky 13 also has a black suede surface in the black leather, and uses gold stitching. The red "13" is also embroidered in the same position. The color matching is rather fashionable and gorgeous, and it can be well matched with the clothes. In terms of materials and colors, Dunk SB Unlucky 13 is better than Dunk SB Lucky 7.

Since it is a limited number of Dunk SBs, we can't help but mention their value. In this respect, the global limited edition 777 pairs of Dunk SB Lucky 7 have taken advantage, except for the so-called "7" and "Lucky", lottery at the time of sale. The selected gimmick is also one of the reasons for the increase in Dunk SB Lucky 7. Now, I want to find a pair of Dunk SB Lucky 7 that suits my size. It is even more difficult than many super limited Dunk SBs; Dunk SB Unlucky 13 is more like a civilian limited edition. Dunk SB, its wearing value is greater than the collection value, it has been traced in many cities across the country.

It seems that Dunk SB Unlucky 13 is more suitable for normal wear, easy to match with cheap, and Dunk SB Lucky 7 is more suitable for collection, auspicious meaning and dazzling appearance are the magic weapon for Dunk SB Lucky 7 to attract attention. This pair of brothers shoes sold at the same time last year has a considerable difference in the situation, Dunk SB Lucky 7 徘徊 at a higher price of ¥ 3000 or more, has become a model of hard to find a shoe, and Dunk SB Unlucky 13 more It became the standard entry-level Dunk SB at an affordable price. The same design, the same material, the difference is only the status between the brothers, this is really the same life.

Sunday, November 4, 2018


Recently, FILA re-created the classic basketball shoes BARRICADE breakthroughs, using the Italian traditional handmade shoe craft to interpret the creative letter-spaced LOGO design, unlocking the most IN street basketball style, with the original heart to commemorate the fashion, innovating the classics in the inheritance, Demonstrate a full personality and a young and free attitude.

Born in 1997, the BARRICADE Breakthrough is a classic shoe designed by FILA using the brand LOGO split design. It has attracted a lot of attention with its unique design since its launch. The re-enactment of BARRICADE continues the design of the highly-disassembled large LOGO electric embroidery design. The exaggerated shape and its layered design show its full personality and triumph.

In terms of color, the replica version of BARRICADE uses the classic red, blue, white and black to collide and splicing, which will not be overly abrupt and achieve eye-catching and eye-catching visual effects. In terms of material selection, BARRICADE continues the high quality that FILA has consistently adhered to. It uses soft and wear-resistant cowhide and pigskin, and combines exquisite seaming techniques to show the classic exposed stitching, delicate and layered. The shoelace is specially designed with a molded coil tie to enhance the fixing effect of the shoelace. The SoftCapsule high-elastic midsole formula on the sole is softer and more comfortable, and the undulating lines on the bottom provide a more stable exercise experience in the dynamics.

As the basketball shoe industry's CHUNKYSNEAKER, the new replica of the BARRICADE breakthrough shoes has completed the dual upgrade of sports and fashion, and from the stadium to the street, from a new dimension to explain the cool attitude of FILA.

FILA's new BARRICADE breakthrough shoes are now available at FILA stores, FILA official malls, Tmall FILA official flagship stores, and Jingdong FILA flagship stores.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Under Armour HOVR Havoc

Basketball is an explosive athletic sport, especially at the moment of rapid start-up, the foot needs very strong "power" support, just like a "high-speed sports car", you can complete the opponent's transcendence in an instant. Quickly break through to the hinterland to complete the layup. Based on the increasingly fast offensive and defensive transition of basketball, the midsole cushioning of basketball boots is more and more focused on sensitive resilience and energy feedback. The new armor Under Armour HOVR Havoc is such a pair of "energy-rich" top boots, always maintaining energy feedback, bringing the best and passionate side of the course, giving the foot full cushioning and rebound during the exercise.

Extreme speed, flexible first

Under Armour HOVR Havoc uses a low-cut design, the overall design style is very simple and smooth, in the first sense, it brings a sense of speed and impact. After putting on these sneakers, the first thing you will feel is that the sneakers are very light, and with the ultra-low-cut shoes, it brings more outstanding flexibility. The upper of the breathable two-color mesh fabric, after a period of exercise, the feeling of wearing the foot is relatively cool and comfortable, and there is no feeling of excessive sultry, the breathability of the upper is more excellent.

At the same time, there is a TPU hot melt adhesive film at the toe, which improves the overall protection of the shoes and protects the toes from sports injuries during intense exercise. When the protection is added, the wearing feeling does not feel the slightest discomfort, and the overall feeling of the foot is very close. The "protective cover" at the toe is like a "armor" that wraps the relatively fragile toes and fully responds to the fierce competition.

Tightly wrapped "armor" protection

Under Armour HOVR Havoc's lace area design is also very interesting, with an integrated lace design, which has excellent fit, which greatly enhances the wrapping of the shoes. After wearing the Under Armour HOVR Havoc laces, you can clearly feel the benefits of the integrated lacing area design, and the overall feel is firmer and fit. Friends who are familiar with basketball shoes will know that the package of a pair of excellent basketball boots is really important. This kind of package can bring a better sense of security and be more comfortable to wear, so that players can concentrate on the fierce competition. Most of the rest of the Under Armour HOVR Havoc's upper is a large synthetic backing that locks the midfoot, improving the overall stability of the upper. This synthetic material is combined with an integrated lacing system to form a complete upper protection system.

Responsively resilient rebound buffer

Under Armour HOVR Havoc is most concerned about the HOVR cushioning technology used by the midsole. HOVR is an innovative midsole technology brought by Under Armour. The excellent soft rebound ability has been well received in the first running shoes, and the Under Armour HOVR Havoc is still quite good on basketball shoes. which performed. After putting on these sneakers and tightening the laces, I can't wait to step on the midsole of the sneakers. The first feeling is that the midsole is moderately soft. This design can satisfy more different types of players for the midsole cushioning. Demand.

In the actual evaluation process, Under Armour HOVR Havoc can obviously feel the "power" of HOVR cushioning technology after wearing for a certain period of time. The rebound of the midsole of the shoes is more obvious, and the relatively harder foot feel can bring more sensitivity. The resilience of the rebound, at the moment when the force starts to break through, the foot is slammed, and the feedback of the rebound midsole to the foot can be well felt. HOVR cushioning technology can effectively absorb and rebound feedback to the foot, which brings a good cushioning effect. If it is a player who often breaks through in the game, the Under Armour HOVR Havoc will be a pair of very suitable boots. As a relatively new cushioning technology, HOVR will be recognized by more players. The HOVR midsole is equipped with an energy grid. Helps to improve the stability of the midsole rebound and more stable work.

Sensitive responsiveness is like a "engine" that is eager to try. It is always ready to give feedback on the force given by the foot, so as to feedback back in the first time, giving the player full "support". At the time of the basket rushing for the rebound, HOVR can also effectively reduce the buffer of force, thus protecting the important joints such as the knee from the impact of more force.

Rich in detail, stable and non-slip

As a pair of top-level sneakers, the details of the Under Armour HOVR Havoc are also a lot of things to watch. The EVA insole has a good cushioning effect, and with the application of the HOVR cushioning technology, the cushioning comfort of the shoe is improved, and the support of the sole is optimized. The TPU bracket on the heel can better secure the foot in the sneakers. It has a good combination with the integrated lacing system. It fixes the foot to avoid slipping inside the sneaker and has an excellent locking effect.

In the actual wearing process, the TPU bearing bracket just fixes the heel and has a relatively close fit. The outsole of the sneakers is made of classic traditional herringbone outsole texture, which has a good grip ability. There is basically no slippage during the evaluation process. When doing some urgently moving and stopping, the sneaker outsole The performance is quite satisfactory. The outsole curved groove design of the forefoot provides greater flexibility, and the natural and flexible gait makes the Under Armour HOVR Havoc more comfortable to wear, without the feeling of being too boarded. Just wearing this pair of boots feels Like an "old friend", there is no strange feeling.

Full performance, practical first

Under Armour HOVR Havoc's overall performance is worthy of everyone's expectations. The overall design of the sneakers is basically for the actual combat, whether it is TPU bracket or integrated lacing system design has a strong functionality. The rebound ability of HOVR cushioning technology has a good expressive power. The overall style of the sneakers is more suitable for breakthrough, flexible and fast swinging swingers. Under Armour HOVR Havoc's size is moderate, personal feeling is not very biased, if you are not familiar with the size of the Under Armour sneakers, you can go to the store to try on and then choose the size that best suits you. I believe that in the near future, Under Armour HOVR Havoc will become the new darling of the stadium.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Air Jordan 1 High Double Strap

New red color match Air Jordan 1 High Double Strap coming soon!

After the release of black and white, the new Air Jordan 1 High Double Strap has recently launched a new red color. The Air Jordan 1 High Double Strap model is based on the classic Air Jordan 1 and the shoe upper is abandoned with the original lace system, which is replaced by two large Velcro. The bottom is complemented by a edging design to make the shoes more layered. It is reported that this red color match Air Jordan 1 High Double Strap will be launched in the near future, the Cheap jordans for sale air jordan 5 paris prices sale price is $140 USD. Like a friend can pay more attention.

DJ Khaled recently released a new Jordan co-branded shoe on September 24th with a personal Instagram preview. Judging from the video he posted, the shoes should be based on Air Jordan 3, but there is no physical map release.

At the same time, in order to get these shoes, you need to purchase the “Father Of Ashad” album package in advance and participate in the sweepstakes. The package includes his latest album and a Tee from We The Best x Jordan Brand. The lucky draw will be held in Los Angeles on September 24th, and interested friends may wish to continue to pay attention!

Recently, Jordan Brand released a new color matching Air Jordan 1, its shoes are covered with the official slogan design, full of fun. It is reported that the new Air Jordan 1 NRG “No L’s” will be officially released at the end of the year.

The Air Jordan 1 NRG “No L’s” is still dressed in a black toe series. The body is black and white, and the upper and the outs are filled with bright yellow and yellow. The body value is good. I believe the upper foot is also very good. The most interesting and essential part of this pair of color schemes is the “official spit” that is spread over the body of the shoe:


“WEAR ME” on the tongue and “NO PHOTOS” on the heel

"PLEASE CREASE of the toe cap (please fold here)"


These are all a bit of a slogan from Jordan Brand to the current shoe circle. Officials are calling on Air Jordan shoes instead of collecting or reselling them.

The Dojo's Air Jordan 1 NRG “No L’s” will be available for sale in December for $160 USD. Xiaobian will continue to pay attention to its follow-up.

Air Jordan 1 NRG “No L’s”

Saturday, September 8, 2018

jordan fly lockdown pfx

Jordan shoes have always had a lot of fans, and many series are also vying for many shoe fans. Next, let's take a look at some very good Jordan shoes with Xiaobian.

|||—jordan fly lockdown pfx—|||

This jordan fly lockdown pfx shoe has a simple shape and a very high degree of recognition. The upper is made of fabric, and the low-cut design is ideal for everyday wear or for some low-intensity training.

|||—jordan dna lx—|||

The new shoe type of jordan dna lx is made of woven sock upper. The first color is light gray, with dark gray and liquid silver as the details. The value is very high.

|||—jordan flyknit elevation 23—|||

The jordan flyknit elevation 23 men's sneakers feature a high-quality Flyknit structural upper and are equipped with an Air cushioning configuration to create a flexible and comfortable feel.

This new color scheme is a cool gray theme, with a water-green Flyknit, a white midsole and a translucent outsole, which is very small and fresh.

|||—jordan j23 low—|||

Finally, let's take a look at this jordan j23 low running shoe, which uses a faux leather upper to maintain high elasticity. No matter how tortuous the bending angle, it can be restored to its original state.

The sole is made of a finely engraved structure, which not only greatly enhances the grip and friction, but also reduces the contact area between the ground and the upper. Even in places with poor road conditions, it is still flat.

Nike's vaporfly 4% has been on sale for more than a year now. The reason why the shoes are named 4% of vaporfly is that Nike claims that the shoes can increase the efficiency of the runner by 4%. Does it sound amazing?

Today, Xiaobian will take you to see how the performance of this pair of Nike vaporfly 4%, for the runners, in the contest can really improve the running efficiency!

At the Boston Marathon in April 2018, someone did this experiment for vaporfly 4%. They asked for several runners who scored in the competition. Half of them wore vaporfly 4% and the other half wore other running shoes.

The results of the experiment after the game showed that 3/4 of the runners who replaced the vaporfly 4% had improved their performance in previous years. Although this game may not explain anything, then take a look at the feedback that big data brings to us.

The agency analyzed data on nearly 500 marathons and surveyed runners wearing a 4% vaporfly. More than 4,000 runners said that their personal achievements have improved after wearing these pair of running shoes.

Then look at how the performance of vaporfly 4% is done by comparing personal results in one direction. In the 17-year Chicago Marathon, Stephanie Andre ran out of 22 women. This score can even enter the Olympics selection contest.

The same 34-year-old Amanda Hicks also achieved a top 5% of women's results in the 2018 Boston Marathon. Therefore, vaporfly 4% is still helpful for the outstanding performance of the players.

In general, if you want to improve the efficiency of the 4% of the vaporfly, then the answer is yes. But it is not realistic to rely solely on it to improve your performance. It is the last word to improve your level of exercise.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

nike LeBron shoes all

The James Boots series is Nike's basketball shoes tailored for the little emperor LeBron James. As one of Nike's top basketball shoes series, James boots combine Nike's high-end technology, which is a series of high-performance basketball boots. James's generation of sneakers has been out to 15 generations. Here are the 15 generations of boots for the full range of James sneakers!

1, Nike air zoom generation

Nike's first pair of shoes for James - Nike air zoom generation, using sphrene inner village, good ventilation; configuration, the forefoot uses zoom technology, the technology of the rear air sole, the midsole is equipped with carbon fiber board.
2, Nike Zoom LeBron 2

This is the first pair of shoes named after James. The leather upper echoes James's domineering style. The full-scale Air Zoom is equipped with laser lines, which greatly enhances the shock absorption effect.

3, Nike Zoom LeBron 3

The mid-bottom Phylon material, the large-capacity Zoom Air cushion and the Pebax heel cover form the Zoom LeBron III suspension system, which has a good cushioning effect and excellent combat effect.

4, Nike Zoom LeBron 4

The body has a unique wave shape, combined with Foamposite material for better support. The midsole hides the full Zoom Air cushion in the insole for a soft and comfortable cushioning. This pair of sneakers also accompanied James for the first time in the finals.

5, Nike Zoom LeBron 5

Using the lighter foaming material Phyposite, which is distributed on the body, heel and sole, it can increase the protection of the shoes. The carbon plate of the medium foot increases the stability of the shoes. The full palm Zoom Air provides excellent cushioning. effect. It is worth mentioning that this shoe prints the map of James's hometown of Akron on the sole of the foot.

6, Nike Zoom LeBron 6

The dual-density Phylon with a double-layer Zoom Air cushion midsole provides excellent foot feel and cushioning, and the leather upper provides excellent wrapping performance. Overall, this is a combination of perfect performance and stylish look. Boots. Lebron 6 also became the first MVP boots to help the emperor ascend the throne.

7, Nike Air Max Lebron 7

These shoes have become an important turning point for the LeBron series of shoes, adding the more powerful full-featured Air Max 360 air cushion and lywire flying line technology, giving the foot a strong support and protection, while still being light enough.
8, Nike Air Max Lebron 8

The improved Air Max 360 has a better air cushion feel, plus a soft and comfortable leather upper, integrated mesh boot, and Flywire combine to give the shoe a comfortable fit and a stable support.

9, Nike Zoom Lebron 9

The upper combines Hyperfue and Flywire to create a new three-layer composite upper that is lightweight and breathable. The combination of the forefoot Zoom Air cushion and the rear Palm Air Max180 air cushion provides comfortable and fast response and reliable and stable cushioning. Lebron 9 has opened a new era of James series!

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10, Nike Zoom Lebron 10

Equipped with a new generation of Dynamic Flywire dynamic flying line technology, combined with the Hyperfuse upper structure, it combines light weight, wear resistance and breathability. The midsole uses the full palm Zoom Air air cushion, the midsole and the TPU stabilizer on both sides of the shoe body to achieve the ultimate in comfort and cushioning. Lebron 10 also witnessed James' second road to championship.

11, Nike Zoom Lebron 11

The Dynamic Flywire dynamic flying line plus the Hyperfuse upper structure ensures excellent wrap and breathability of the upper; the air cushion of the full-hand Lunarlon+Zoom Air creates the ultimate cushioning experience.

12, Nike Zoom Lebron 12

For the first time, the Lebron 12 features a one-piece tongue design with a Megafuse upper that provides a lightweight, breathable experience that adds to the sneakers' grip; the sneakers have a new cushioning system in the forefoot, multiple hexagons The Zoom Air cushion is distributed to different parts of the sole, corresponding to the various pressure points of the foot, resulting in more powerful bursts and feedback.

13, Nike Zoom Lebron 13

Embed a small unit hexagonal rubber mat into the large Nike Zoom Air cushion to make it more flexible when it breaks through. The carbon fiber stabilizer effectively strengthens the midfoot, improves stability, and is flexible and wearable. Kurim shoe cage combined with Flywire flying line technology Make the shoes lighter and more flexible, and the Phylon midsole has enough cushioning effect.

14, Nike Zoom Lebron 14

The 14th generation of LeBron sneakers series is still a lighter concept, the design of the integrated "shoes", with the three-layer elastic mesh upper material, lighter and more breathable, comfortable fit, the return of the Velcro, also help further Improve the overall feeling of the shoes.

15, Nike Zoom Lebron 15

The Flyknit woven material is equipped with an integrated body and dynamic lace system to securely lock the foot. It is full of tidal and escort for both feet; the midsole is presented in a black technology with a separate Zoom embedded in the Max air cushion to maximize The cushioning performance makes the overall sneakers safer and more comfortable.